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For passengers, rapid escape - in the event of fire - is usually impossible and the prompt arrival of help from outside cannot be expected. In addition to many fire risks, panic and inability to maneuver as a result of a fire are other typical risk potentials that must be considered when choosing a fire extinguishing system.

Minifog marine takes those risks into account through protection concepts that were developed and approved in accordance with the safety provisions of national and international classification associations and with the recommendations of SOLAS and IMO. For room protection in accommodation and public areas as well as the protection of assets in engine rooms on ships, we offer a high-pressure fine water spray extinguishing system tailored to these applications. For the protection of assets in ship engine rooms, a low-pressure variant is alternatively available.

With the use of the Minifog marine XP water mist spray system, the demand for minimizing its footprint and weight on ships is satisfied to the highest extent. Compared with conventional sprinkler systems, Minifog marine XP requires up to 90 percent less extinguishing water in the event of fire. Due to such extremely low need for extinguishing water, the system’s piping and water supply are small and easily laid out. The efficient extinguishing system can be deployed in all areas – whether cabins, corridors or in the engine room – and one single sprinkler can protect an area of up to 32 square meters. 

One area on ships, which deserves special attention, is rooms with electrical and electronic equipment, such as control rooms, control cabinet rooms and smaller machine rooms. In such risk areas, extinguishing systems which put out fires quickly yet gently are essential, in order to ensure that sensitive equipment is not damaged by residues left by the extinguishing agent. With the MX 1230 Marine and MX 200 Marine halocarbon extinguishing systems, Minimax has developed solutions that satisfy the extremely stringent demands on board and can even be designed for a 50 bar system pressure. The systems are distinguished by the authorized and tested chemical extinguishing agents NovecTM 1230 and HFC-227ea. Both fire suppressors are neither corrosive nor electrically conductive, and do not cause any damage to sensitive parts through short-circuit or residues.

The MX 1230 Marine and MX 200 Marine clean agent fire suppression systems are available for tugboats, coast and inland navigation vessels and small yachts, in addition to drilling rigs. The size of the room is a key focus for both systems. As a result, they offer optimal fire protection in smaller rooms, and are fully certified with all major marine-sector approvals.

Protected areas

Ship balconies
Storage area
Helicopter deck
LNG tank storage
Public areas
Controll room
Engine room
Car deck
  1. Ship balconies
  2. Cabins
  3. Storage area
  4. Helicopter deck
  5. Galley
  6. Bunker
  7. LNG tank storage
  8. Public areas
  9. Controll room
  10. Engine room
  11. Shops
  12. Car deck


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