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Corrosion-protected pipe system
September 10, 2020 - Technologies

Corrosion-protected pipe system

Minimax launched Fendium - a quantum leap for sustainable fire protection.

These polymer-enhanced steel pipes have a special polymer on both the inside and out to protect them against corrosion. In contrast to painted coatings and powder coating, this polymer protection is built up during a multi-step chemical process which unifies the polymer and steel. Independent research has confirmed that the polymer achieves extremely high resistance to corrosive influences.

Sustainability through a longer service life
When used as intended, Fendium pipes have a significantly longer service life than pipes that have not been treated on the inside. Minimax offers a 10-year guarantee against rust-through on Fendium pipes – a guarantee that greatly exceeds legal warranties and industry standards.

Consistent higher safety level
Corrosion in standard pipes can lead to rough surfaces, encrustations and deposits which, in turn, increase pipe friction and reduce the free cross-section of the pipes. As this takes place inside the pipe, changes are not noticed for a long time. With their internal and external corrosion protection, Fendium pipes increase the effectiveness and reliability of extinguishing systems over the long term.

Greater efficiency
The low pipe friction offered by the smooth Fendium pipes even makes it possible, in many cases, to use smaller nominal diameters or smaller pumps. The advantages include weight savings, easier installation and reduced space requirements.

Fendium pipes offer an ideal combination of a longer service life, increased safety and greater efficiency: a sustainable concept!