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May 27, 2019 - Solutions

Rescuing water mist

Extinguishing turbine for the wood industry

A proven technology rethought: An extinguishing turbine for water and water mist completes our fire protection portfolio for the wood industry. Water mist is, for example, already being used successfully by Minifog PressProtect, the solution for protecting industrial presses. These water mist extinguishing systems spray extinguishing water particularly finely in order to increase the surface and thus the contact surface for heat transfer. The cooling capacity of the water is optimized. In addition, the rapid evaporation of the small water droplets in the area of the flame produces large quantities of steam, which hinders the oxygen supply to the fire - an effective combination that can control and extinguish a fire in a few seconds. 

The company EmiControls has developed an extinguishing turbine FT10e, which can throw water mist particularly far. It increases safety, on the one hand because it protects much larger areas, especially outdoors. On the other hand, the water mist surrounds the objects and thus also reaches inaccessible sources of fire. A possible fire is quickly and safely extinguished and consequential damage from extinguishing is minimal due to the cooling effect of the water mist and the reduced use of water. Another advantage is that the turbine can also be used with foam. It has a propeller output of 12.5 kW and a water flow rate of 100 - 3,600 l/min. In the event of a fire, the fire detection and extinguishing control panel automatically activates the extinguishing turbine. The turbine can be seen in motion at the Minimax stand.  

Minimax and EmiControls will work together on further development stages of the extinguishing turbine. At LIGNA we will also be showing the self-monitored UniVario YMX5000 spark detector. You can follow spark detection and extinguishing live in a showcase. In addition, the focus is on the   SOLID SDE fire de­tec­tion and ex­tin­guish­ing con­trol pan­el for spark extinguishing systems and the Inveron hazard management system.

LIGNA 2019, Hall 26 Stand C24