Experts in fire protection

At Minimax the focus is on the employees. Therefore we find it important to create terms of reference for personal development. We support our employees in the development of their personal strengths across their entire working lives. For us the compatibility of career and family are just as important as health care for our employees. Together with monetary benefits, Minimax offers an overall package that is unique in the industry.

Feel comfortable

Once you join Minimax we will treat you on special occasions beyond the everyday. Besides joint events with your colleagues we will also offer you the opportunity to purchase various products and services at reduced prices.

Family sports day

Once a year Minimax offers all its employees and their families to a summer festival in the vicinity of Bad Oldesloe. All those taking part can get playing sport or enjoy the time with colleagues and family having ice cream and coffee. Employee teams from different Minimax sites come here from all over Germany and compete in football, beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis and table football tournaments. In addition there is a guided cycle tour and an extensive program for children with beach balls, a clown and a bungee tower.

Company festivals

Sometimes Minimax celebrates as well. It will be nice if you can soon take part. At the Bad Oldesloe site for example there is a big company festival every two years and every year a joint Christmas celebration. 

Anniversary gifts

We are pleased if you remain loyal to the company over a long period and honor this with anniversary gifts.

Holiday apartment

Holiday is important and a nice time with the family. Please use our holiday apartments in Kellenhusen at advantageous conditions.

Employee sales of fire extinguishers

If you would like to protect your home with a fire extinguisher, you can of course buy “a Minimax” at employee rates. 

"Corporate Benefits"

You can buy more cheaply via “Corporate Benefits” at many well-known online stores.


Family life has many aspects. We will rejoice with you in the finest moments, but relieve the pressure on you in demanding times with special leave or childcare. 

Wedding gift

A wedding is a unique moment in life. We rejoice with you and give you a little bit of attention. 

Birth allowance

The expenditure for the first baby things is particularly high, especially at the beginning. We assist you financially with a maternity benefit.


If for example regular care via crèche, school/day center or day carer suddenly drops out, an alternative has to be quickly provided. In these situations we offer professional childcare at the Bad Oldesloe and Reinfeld site. Minimax is a patron of the non-profit "Beruf & Familie im HanseBelt gGmbH" and offers its employees free emergency care via this institution. This offer guarantees that in exceptional circumstances a competent replacement will be provided via a qualified carer.

Special holiday

There are situations that can be particularly stressful: a move for example. Minimax will support you in such events with special leave above the legal requirement.

Prevention & Health

The subject of health occupies us at all stages of life. Minimax makes its contribution with a comprehensive range of services and offers you preventive measures.

Incapacity of work

Disability can hit anyone. Via the Generali, Minimax offers insurance that is not only well covered but also extremely attractive due to group conditions.

Employer-funded pension

Via Alte Leipziger insurance, Minimax offers a company pension scheme with attractive conditions. The deferred compensation supported by Minimax goes beyond the legal requirement. 

Accident insurance

For the employees of most Minimax operations there is a group accident policy which provides 24-hour coverage worldwide against the results of physical accidents.

Flu Vaccination

In additional a flu jab will protect you against illness. Minimax offers all employees a flu vaccination every year and covers the costs of it.

Active midday break

With a few exercises you can easily do something for your fitness. Once a week there is the opportunity to take part in an active midday break with our partners Orthofit at the Bad Oldesloe site.


If a death occurs, everything often falls apart. Minimax will support you even in difficult times and offers a financial contribution to relieve the load.

Continued remuneration in case of death

In the event of death Minimax assists surviving dependants via a limited payment- or salary continuation.

Mortal allowance

In the event of death of an employee's spouse, Minimax will pay a death benefit.