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To maintain your sprinkler system in an operational state, regular checks and maintenance work are required and prescribed by the VdS CEA 4001 guideline. The monitoring program for the operator comprises regular visual checks and functional tests that must be conducted and recorded daily, weekly, monthly or at three-month intervals.  We assist you in this by informing you about your corresponding tasks and offer you seminars to qualify as sprinkler wardens. 

You don't have anyone in your company who can perform the regular checks? No problem: you can save on the daily checks if your sprinkler system is equipped with electrical monitoring and failure alarm forwarding or if you have this feature retrofitted. In that case you only have to extend the weekly checks by the routine for the daily checks. Our technical experts will gladly take over the weekly, monthly and three-monthly checks in addition to the regular inspection and maintenance jobs. In this way, your employees can fully and entirely focus on their core assignments. 

You should not neglect the regular checks. Otherwise you, as the operator, would incur a high liability risk, since you would have failed to properly discharge your duties of care and as an operator. Rather, rely on the timely and qualified maintenance of your sprinkler system by our technical staff, which is always up to date as far as the state of the art is concerned due to regular training.