Experts in fire protection

Training on complex technical installations such as sprinkler systems often fails due to lack of clarity. Therefore, we will not only do theory, but illustrate the function and operation of the sprinkler system by using our unique sprinkler simulation system. 

The simulation system is a fully functional sprinkler control panel installed on a special trailer which we can transport to any training location. It includes the main components of sprinkler and water spray systems, such as sprinklers, alarm valve and spray water valve stations, accelerator, electric monitoring and the related central processing unit in addition to a small compressed air tank.

Minimax fire protection experts use these components to explain the technical relations under realistic conditions. In addition, they simulate an actual extinguishing process and show the sprinkler system in action. If heat of the flames causes the sprinkler ampule to burst, sounding of alarm equipment and rela life extinguishing will be experienced. 

Minimax sprinkler simulation systems enable those responsible to familiarize themselves with the theory and practice of fire sprinklers. Malfunctions and operating errors can be simulated. These exercises give peace of mind to those in charge.