Experts in fire protection


Kitchen fire protection extinguishing systems are designed for use in commercial kitchens. Pneumatic fire detection elements respond reliably as soon as the threshold temperature is reached and activate the system. This means that fat fires are already suppressed in their initial stages with the hygienically safe Febramax-S extinguishing agent developed specifically for this purpose. Finely dispersed, it forms a barrier layer over the oil or fat and thus cuts off the oxygen supply. Re-ignition of the fire is prevented by cooling the fat down and interrupting the power supply to the kitchen appliances.

  • Compact space saving and attractive design
  • Suitable for subsequent fitting in extractor hoods, waste air ducts and automatic fryers
  • Cost-effective installation between working hours of the kitchen
  • Requires only minimum maintenance (service every 12 months only)


Extinguishant supply unit
Pneumatic line
Fire detection element
Push button for manual actuation
Extinguishing nozzle
  1. Extinguishant supply unit
  2. Pneumatic line
  3. Fire detection element
  4. Push button for manual actuation
  5. Extinguishing nozzle



The Febramax-S extinguishant used in the system works in two ways: It is sprayed through fine nozzles onto the equipment, forming a blocking layer over the fat or oil so that the fire is starved of oxygen.

Simultaneously, the fat is cooled down by the water contained in the agent, so preventing self-ignition. The KS 2000 is thus twice as effective and reliable as conventional extinguishers. The integrated NC switch ensures that all kitchen appliances are switched off instantly, preventing renewed self-ignition.

Protected areas


Protection zone

No gastronomy area can do without a kitchen. Food is generally prepared directly on site in kitchens of varying dimensions. This is where foods are prepared, cooked and often kept warm until served.


  • Overheated frying and grilling plates
  • Unprofessional operation of appliances
  • Technical defects in electrical appliances
  • High fire load due to large quantities of grease used

Fire Protection

The KS 2000 kitchen protection extinguishing system offers ideal fire protection for cooking stations and deep fryers. This system triggers at an incipient outbreak of fire within seconds, and fights even grease fires using the special extinguishing agent Febramax-S. Sprinkler systems protect the building.