Experts in fire protection
February 21, 2017 - Technologies

Oxeo Prevent with fuel cell

Innovative fire protection design with fuel cell system from Fuji N2telligence with return on investment.

This collaboration sets off a revolution in fire protection. Minimax and Fuji N2telligence join a fuel cell system and an Oxeo Prevent oxygen reduction system and thus enable economically effective fire protection at the highest level.

Four in one: The fuel cell system generates electricity, air-conditioned coolness and heat and as a by-product oxygen-reduced air which is used for the Oxeo Prevent fire prevention system. A nitrogen generator is no longer necessary, operating costs are significantly reduced and at the same time the environment is treated gently. “The technology from Fuji N2telligence ideally complements our fire prevention system, and we look forward to a long-term collaboration”, according to Minimax CEO Jan Witte.