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SMM 2022
July 18, 2022 - About Minimax

Customized fire protection for You

Minimax Fire Solutions International at SMM 2022

Global development has resulted in major challenges for all of us. Alternative engines to reduce emissions and the storage of electrical energy create new challenges for fire protection.

Minimax develops, designs and installs fire protection and firefighting systems that meet both current regulations and customer´s requirements. The solutions are individually geared to the customer's application and fulfill the requirements of the classification boards. It´s range of systems covers protection for alternative engines such as fuel cells (whether powered by methanol or hydrogen) or battery rooms and transformers.

The high-pressure water mist extinguishing system "Minifog marine XP" offers comprehensive protection for all areas on a ship. A Minifog marine XP system can protect machinery space up to 8,235m2 and achieves a saving of water of up to 90%. Significantly fewer sprinklers are required than with conventional systems. The use of the Minifog marine XP system satisfies the demand for minimizing space and weight, along with the highest safety requirements.

Furthermore, Minimax offers an alternative solution – the MX 1230 marine extinguishing system with the proven and tested clean agent NovecTM 1230. As this extinguishant is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive, no damage can result from short circuits or residue on sensitive components. This makes MX 1230 marine systems perfectly suited to shipping applications and the protection of sensitive components. The non-existing ozone hazard of the extinguishing agent ensures the future viability.

Minimax also covers the entire supply chain for fire protection systems, ensuring that the systems incorporate the latest technology and work reliably. Continuous innovation starts with constant research and development work, risk analysis and technical design and continues with in-house production of key components.

These additional fire protection systems are:

  • Gas extinguishing systems, like HP CO2 or LP CO2
  • Rotating Pop-Up foam extinguishing nozzle for helidecks
  • Sprinkler and sprinkler equivalent fire extinguishing systems
  • Fixed water-based local application systems for engine rooms
  • Foam extinguishing systems for helidecks and tank decks
  • Drencher systems for car decks and gas tankers
  • Powder extinguishing systems, modular or multi-zone systems
  • KS2000-8 marine extinguishing systems for deep fat cooking equipment
  • Portable fire extinguishers & Design Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire detection systems
  • OneU 19” computer racks protection