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03.09.24 - 06.09.24 | Hamburg, Germany - Trade fairs

SMM 2024

The world’s leading trade fair for the maritime industry

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24.09.24 - 27.09.24 | Hamburg, Germany - Trade fairs

WindEnergy 2024

The global on & offshore event

Your platform for onshore and offshore success. The worldwide trend continues. There is an ongoing demand for onshore wind energy plants. At the same time, requirements and regulations for plants are getting stricter, whether in extreme climatic regions or in low-wind-speed areas. The industry is now developing onshore plants that are tailored to specific situations. Furthermore, repowering – the replacement of old plants by new, more efficient ones – is advancing steadily. Here, the industry is firmly demonstrating its innovative strengths – working to ensure sustainable growth and create added value. The exploitation of offshore wind energy offers attractive market opportunities. While the current focus is firmly on Europe, there is potential for growth on a global scale. The areas where the onshore and offshore industries overlap are considerable, but technology, logistics, financing, and the different market players themselves, remain clearly distinct from each another. The success of offshore wind energy exploitation depends, above all, on the effective combination of wind energy sector competencies and those of the maritime industry.

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08.10.24 - 10.10.24 | Düsseldorf, Germany - Trade fairs

Aluminium 2024

Sharing a vision.

Sustainability and Circular Economy are at the center of society and it is our common vision to position aluminum as a sustainable and future-proof material of tomorrow. ALUMINIUM World's Leading Trade Fair in October 2024 will be the future platform of the global aluminum industry for your innovations, trends and solutions.

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