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The Minifog Marine XP water mist system meets the need for space reducing requirements and weight saving to a considerable extent. Compared with conventional sprinkler systems, Minifog marine XP requires up to 90 percent less extinguishing water in the event of fire. Due to this extremely low consumption of extinguishing water, the system's pipework and water supply are designed in small dimensions. The efficient extinguishing system can be deployed in all areas – e.g., cabins, corridors or in machine rooms –; one single sprinkler can protect an area of up to 32 square meters.

  • Uses 90% less extinguishing water compared to classic sprinkler systems
  • Suitable for engine rooms of up to 8,235 m³
  • No separate fire protection system needed to protect the engine rooms
  • Just one sprinkler in a cabin can cover up to 32 m²
  • Protects engine rooms reliably and efficiently
  • Stainless steel sprinklers and nozzles


Cylinder battery
Minifog marine XP nozzles
Section valve
Control cabinet – pump unit
Monitoring and alarm panel
Minifog marine XP sprinklers
Construction of Minifog marine XP
  1. Cylinder battery
  2. Minifog marine XP nozzles
  3. Section valve
  4. Control cabinet – pump unit
  5. Monitoring and alarm panel
  6. Detectors
  7. Minifog marine XP sprinklers


Water supply

The extinguishing water for the Minifog marine XP system is held in a tank which is automatically fed from the ship’s own freshwater system. The system can also be supplied with filtered seawater from the ship’s separate hydrant system (fire main), as well as via a shore connection in line with international standards and SOLAS regulations. In standby mode, the pipes are filled with water and pressurized via a jockey pump. In the event of fire, the operating pressure builds in the high-pressure sprinkler pumps, which are integrated in a compact, pre-assembled water supply unit.

Alarm and monitoring

Upon extinguishing system activation, the sprinkler pump control unit automatically sends the “water supply in progress” signal to the bridge or safety station. To localise the fire event, an alarm signal is also displayed, which is transmitted by the affected area’s current indicator. The Minifog marine XP system is equipped with electric monitoring supplied with power via the emergency power supply system, which monitors all security-related lines to control units and signal transmitters for short circuits or interruption.


Minifog marine XP
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