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MXOne, the high-performance extinguishing turbine represents a new generation of stationary firefighting systems. This unique system has a 360 ° operating range and enables the highly precise application of water mist from a safe and great distance. In the event of a fire, the water mist absorbs a huge amount of energy, cools particularly effectively, and reaches hidden fire sources better than classic monitors. It binds smoke gases, pollutants and odors and can spread rapidly and effectively across large areas without flushing away burning goods, as is the case with traditional fire monitors using bundled jets. Consequently, MXOne is ideally suited for protecting numerous industries and risk areas from specific fire risks inside or outside of buildings like never before

Advantages at a glance

  • Greater operating area

  • More effective cooling
  • More resource-efficient
  • Extinguishes more rapidly



Operating pressure 4 to 16 bar (58 to 232 psi)
Nozzle ring
Configurations: nozzle head (water mist) or jet pipe (spray jet)
Max. flow rate 4,000 l/min
Water connection 5" (DN125)
LED lighting (2 x 3,000 lumen)
Rotation angle 360°
Propeller power 12.5 kW at 2,910 rpm
Tilting angle -19° to +43°
Fully automatic or manual control
Weight 945 kg (2,083 lbs)
Power connection 400 V/50 Hz
Summer and winter operation | -15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F)
Design of the MXOne High Performance Firefighting Turbine
  1. Operating pressure 4 to 16 bar (58 to 232 psi)
  2. Nozzle ring
  3. Configurations: nozzle head (water mist) or jet pipe (spray jet)
  4. Max. flow rate 4,000 l/min
  5. Water connection 5" (DN125)
  6. LED lighting (2 x 3,000 lumen)
  7. Rotation angle 360°
  8. Propeller power 12.5 kW at 2,910 rpm
  9. Tilting angle -19° to +43°
  10. Fully automatic or manual control
  11. Weight 945 kg (2,083 lbs)
  12. Power connection 400 V/50 Hz
  13. Summer and winter operation | -15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F)



Minimax engineers test MXOne in full-scale fire tests

With MXOne, broadband risk scenarios can be safely controlled by using different extinguishing media. The extinguishing turbine can be operated with potable and salt water, with and without foam agent. The spray patterns range from fine water mist to full jet. The high-performance extinguishing system achieves a throughput of up to 4,000 liters per minute with a throw distance of up to 80m.

Powerful and operational 24/7

  • Discharge range of up to 75 m due to special turbine effect
  • Suitable for use in summer and winter (indoors and outdoors)
  • Also operates with seawater and foam additives
  • Low operating pressure means that the device can be connected to the local mains water supply
  • Sturdy, industrial-grade design
  • Available as a stationary and a mobile version

 Efficient fire protection - from water mist to full jet mode

  • An ideal solution for many areas of application
  • Spray mode during operation can be adapted to the fire scenario and fire load
  • Water mist mode reduces the quantity of water required as a result of the cooling and extinguishing effect
  • A gentle extinguishing water feed prevents burning material from spreading 


Hochleistungs-Löschturbine MXOne

MXOne is designed for use both inside and outside buildings. The extinguishing system can be installed on the ground and elevated on a tower (high pile) with mounting frame. The extinguishing turbine covers a large effective range. It can be tilted from -19° to +43° and has a rotation angle of 360°.

360° rotation for maximum flexibility

  • Rotation range means all-round coverage

  • Fast rotation and precise angle adjustment
  • Pipe connections in the rotation area free from wear and tear due to special construction

Quick to rise and tilt with permanent control of positioning

  • Infinitely variable navigation: tilting angle from -19° to +43°

  • Variable discharge distance
  • Position sensors indicate the exact alignment of the turbine on the control panel


Hochleistungs-Löschturbine MXOne

The control and alignment of the extinguishing turbine can be fully automatic. For this purpose, the information from at least two fire detectors (e.g. UniVario industrial fire detectors or infrared cameras) is evaluated in the fire alarm control panel and the coordinates of the fire source are determined exactly from this before MXOne is activated. Alternatively, manual control of the turbine is always possible. Depending on the operator's requirements, both stationary and mobile control variants can be implemented.

Control by fully automatic extinguishing operation with industrial detector and camera technology or:

  • Fire detection and extinguishing control panel (e.g. Clunid FMZ6000).
  • Control panel
  • Wall panel
  • Radio remote control 


Hochleistungs-Löschturbine MXOne

MXOne is a complex high-performance extinguishing system that has had to prove its reliability in numerous full-scale fire tests. With MXOne, Minimax customers receive a system that sets new standards in supporting fire protection.

The effectiveness of MXOne has been tested several times and confirmed by independent bodies!

Among others by accredited fire protection certification bodies such as

  • bSafe,
  • DMT,
  • MPA Dresden 

Successful fire and extinguishing tests with

  • Water (full jet),
  • water mist and
  • foam (mixture)

Areas of use

Typical requirements for systems to be used in harsh, industrial environments: Resilience, reliability and efficiency. MXOne fully meets these requirements and, despite its robust design, is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. Thanks to turbine technology, MXOne achieves throwing distances of up to 80 m and can be lifted and tilted quickly and continuously. This allows the throwing distance to be adjusted at any time. The extinguishing system can be used in areas with an ambient temperature of -15° to 55° C.

  • External and internal storage areas

  • Material loading and unloading stations
  • Tanks with flammable liquids or bulk materials
  • Aircraft hangars or heliports
  • Substations and transformers
  • Tunnels
  • Protection and cooling of adjacent areas


Due to the flexibility in the use of different extinguishing media and the convincing performance data, MXOne is suitable for use for supporting fire protection in numerous branches of industry. Wherever fires need to be fought efficiently with pinpoint accuracy and from a great distance, the high-performance extinguishing system can make a decisive contribution to corporate safety.






The effectiveness of MXOne has been extensively tested and confirmed by independent bodies, including accredited fire protection certification bodies such as DMT and MPA Dresden.

MPA Dresden

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