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An installed sprinkler system, no matter what age it is, must always be fit.

Even after very long years of operational readiness the demand for the sprinkler system to be reliable and effective is just as high as for a system that has just been installed.

Corrosion can severely impact the functioning of a sprinkler system over the course of time. Due to corrosion the wall thickness of the pipes can be reduced so much that they need to be replaced. Organic deposits, so-called encrustations, narrow the tubes or possibly even clog the sprinklers if they dissolve. So the extinguishing effect may be severely affected. Both wet and drying systems are exposed to these risks.

For this reason old system inspections are mandatory for all sprinkler systems over a certain age.


Inspection of old systems is required under the VdS CEA 4001 guideline. Thus dry systems must be checked every 12.5 years, wet systems every 25 years. The shorter inspection intervals for dry systems are due to the higher risk of corrosion. 

Inspection by Minimax as a recognized Installer together with an inspector from a recognized testing laboratory, such as the VdS Schadenverhütung, DEKRA or TÜV. 

For the check, random individual sprinklers from a group of sprinklers are taken and examined by the laboratories of the recognized body. An endoscopic examination of the pipe network for deposits and corrosion is carried out during the pipe inspection. An assessment is made of the hydraulic impact and the identification and assessment of the residual wall thicknesses. This inspection is also carried out using random samples. 

Follow the prescribed inspections and intervals, meet your obligations as an operator, secure your investment and above all, continually increase the reliability of your extinguishing system.

Service Specifications

For negative results of the old systems inspection

  • Shut-down and draining of the sprinkler system
  • Intensive flushing of the pipe networks to eliminate existing incrustations
  • Replacement of corroded pipes or pipes with insufficient residual wall thickness
  • Replacement of defective sprinklers
  • Decompressing the system
  • Documentation of the examination

Scope of service

As part of the old systems inspection

  • Shut-down and draining of the sprinkler system
  • Assisting the inspector in sampling and examination
  • Provision of replacement sprinklers and necessary mobile stages
  • Activation and testing of all draining of the dry pipe systems
  • Decompressing the system
  • Documentation of the examination
  • Refilling and recommissioning of the sprinkler system