Experts in fire protection


Have several extensions or modifications been made to your fire protection system over the years? Do you sometimes lose track and look for important information?

Confusing and outdated documentation is particularly undesireable when it comes to a conversion or the question of extending existing fire protection systems. In addition, complete documentation is mandatory under VdS CEA 4001.

It is all the more unfortunate if incomplete documentation is unnecessarily delaying your decision process and individual information in the different departments must be obtained or cannot be determined any more.

Minimax helps you complete your documents.


So that you can quickly access all information, Minimax performs a review of your existing documents and creates comprehensive overall documentation from your single documents.

This documentation includes, among other things, installation certificates, individual and general layout drawings to your systems and hydraulic calculations for pipe networks.

If important information is missing, we collect it via a local inventory. If necessary, we can also test the components of your fire protection system for its functionality at the same time. You will then receive full plant documentation.

All supplements are of course created with CAD and other recognized software. In addition, we digitize your existing documents. Thus, you quickly have all relevant information at hand electronically so you can stay on top.

Scope of service

  • Inspection of the existing system documentation
  • Comparison with the actual installation on site and collection of missing information
  • Any necessary functional testing of single components
  • Recreating missing or incomplete drawings, calculations, installation certificates in accordance with applicable VdS guidelines
  • Digitization of existing old documents