Experts in fire protection


Inert gas fire protection systems are ideal for use in server rooms and data centers. However, during the extinguishing process high sound pressure levels and turbulences occur, affecting the functionality of the highly sensitive hard disks.

Even the acoustic alarm of a macrophone may cause sound pressure. Once the protected area is flooded with inert gas, the sound pressure level is increased further by the escaping extinguishing gas. In addition, the high flow energy of the extinguishing gas can cause strong turbulences.

Noise and turbulences lead to shocks to the hard drives, which are hardly perceptible to humans but can cause significant problems in the highly sensitive hardware.

These effects can cause malfunctions and, at worst, a total loss of the hard drives. However, you won’t have to risk data loss and operating failure. Minimax has developed problem-solving approaches for both.


The SPA and MX-1 sound absorbers have been developed specifically for the use of inert gas fire protection systems in server rooms and data centers. 

A special nozzle with SPA sound absorber replaces the conventional extinguishing nozzle of an inert gas fire protection system. During the extinguishing process it keeps the sound pressure level of the escaping inert gas below the critical hard drive limit of 110 dB(A). The sound absorber also reduces the formation of turbulence.

The MX-1 sound absorber minimizes the noise level caused by the acoustic alarm of a macrophone. This also reduces sound pressure to a value below that of the limit.

Both products in combination ensure smooth fire extinguishing in the event of an emergency, and considerably minimize the risk of damage - for the good of your hard drives.

Scope of service

  • Dismantling of the existing extinguishing nozzles
  • Installation of special nozzles with an SPA sound absorber attached and the MX-1 sound absorber on the macrophone
  • Amending of the existing documentation and installation papers
  • Functional testing and briefing