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For rapid fire extinguishing through sprinkler systems, it is crucial that extinguishing water is pumped at a sufficient quantity and speed through your sprinkler systems in the event of a rapidly spreading fire.

However, the pumping capacity decreases over the years. This deterioration may be caused for example by defective or contaminated components.

If your existing pump is no longer able to operate at full capacity, this may have an impact on the functioning of your entire sprinkler system. 

Please contact us if you are not sure that the required pumping capacity is ensured. We will carry out a comprehensive pump load test and clarify matters.


To assess the pumping capacity, a service technician will measure the flow rate and convert the measurements in relation to the discharge pressure. If unusual deviations from the set course occur in the resulting pump performance curve, the pump will be checked systematically based on various criteria to unambiguously determine the cause for the deviation and remedy it.

The possible causes of error for a deviating pump performance curve are manifold. If, for example, the initial pressure is too low, the impeller of the pump may be the source of the fault. If a sudden drop in the pump curve is recorded, a foreign body may be present in the suction line. 

Irrespective of the nature of the fault, it is important to detect the cause early and to remedy it without delay. In the event of a fault our service technicians will propose the necessary measures to restore the performance of the pump. Restore the functional safety of your sprinkler system in collaboration with us.

Scope of service

  • Decommissioning of the sprinkler system or, if appropriate, only of the outgoing alarm message
  • Detection and recording of the pump performance curve
  • If necessary, analysis of existing deviations to the set curve and identification of their causes
  • If necessary, specification of the necessary troubleshooting measures
  • Commissioning of the sprinkler system or, if appropriate, only of the outgoing alarm message