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The OneU active extinguishing system offers sensitive fire detection and residue-free extinguishing with the extinguishant FK 5-1-12. The OneU fire protection system is specifically designed for installation in enclosed 19'' IT racks, and only requires the space of one height unit in the rack. In addition, it can be expanded modularly, ensuring high availability of technical facilities at a low time and material expenditure.

  • OneU fire protection systems guarantee highly sensitive fire detection and residue-free extinguishing - for maximum availability of technical facilities
  • With an installation height of only one rack unit (44 mm), this system can be installed in an extremely space-saving manner - without compromising on functionality, quality and reliability
  • All versions of the OneU fire protection system are tested and certified by VdS Schadenverhütung and other international certifying bodies
  • Wide range of applications - the three devices of OneU product family can be combined with each other

Design of OneU Fire protection systems

Power supply unit
Smoke sensors
Front panel with display and control panel
Connections for the power supply and for external systems
Detection and control electronics
FK 5-1-12 extinguishing agent container with leakage monitor
Extinguishing nozzle
Emergency power supply
Propellant gas cartridge
Construction of OneU Fire protection systems
  1. Power supply unit
  2. Smoke sensors
  3. Front panel with display and control panel
  4. Connections for the power supply and for external systems
  5. Detection and control electronics
  6. FK 5-1-12 extinguishing agent container with leakage monitor
  7. Extinguishing nozzle
  8. Emergency power supply
  9. Fan
  10. Propellant gas cartridge

How does the OneU fire protection system work?

Aspirating smoke detector module

The aspirating smoke detector module continuously extracts air samples from the monitored 19" rack using a suction fan. By default, the module is equipped with two highly sensitive smoke sensors, which can be configured to have adjustable response sensitivity and which analyze the air samples for the presence of smoke particles. The different response sensitivities enable a combination of pre-alarms and main alarms:

As soon as the first sensor detects smoke particles, the system triggers a pre-alarm. At this stage, electrical circuits can be disconnected automatically as an obstacle to the further expansion of emerging fires. If, nevertheless, the fire continues to develop, the second sensor will detect smoke particles which in turn activates the main alarm. At the same time, the control electronics of the system activate the MX 1230 extinguishing module.

MX 1230 extinguishing module

MX 1230 extinguishing module consists of a pressure-resistant metal container with the extinguishing agent FK 5-1-12, a release mechanism with a valve and a propellant gas cartridge, an extinguishing agent leakage monitor and the OneU extinguishing nozzle. During the extinguishing process the propellant gas cartridge is opened and the liquid extinguishing agent is released.

The special geometry of the nozzle ensures that the extinguishing agent is vaporized when exiting the nozzle enabling it to unfold its full extinguishing effect. The agent permeates through the rack and all installed devices and cable spaces. In ventilated IT racks, the central position of the nozzle on the front side of the device is also beneficial for the distribution of the extinguishing agent. The fire is extinguished quickly, without residues. MX 1230 module stores enough extinguishing agent to protect closed 19" racks with a maximum volume of up to 2.8 m3.

Power supply, control system, information

The power supply module, consisting of the power supply unit and rechargeable batteries for the emergency power supply, ensure uninterrupted operation for at least four hours. The detection and control electronics equipment permanently monitors the smoke sensors for proper functioning and possible contamination and automatically triggers the MX 1230 module in the event of a fire.

Optionally, the extinguishing module can be activated via an external manual release. Floating contacts are available for forwarding alarms and malfunctions, e.g. to a central process control or to a superordinate fire detection system installed in the building, as well as for power shutdowns. A two-line LCD display and six additional LEDs indicate the operating status of the OneU fire protection system. OneU fire protection systems can also be integrated in Ethernet networks to route messages via text message or email, and to display them on IP-enabled devices.

Applications for How OneU fire protection systems

Server rooms
Server rooms

Protection zone

Server rooms are important, sensitive areas. In these rooms, data of high importance for business operations is stored, managed and exchanged over the network. The irretrievable loss of this data through a fire may have considerable economic consequences for productivity or even the future of a company.


  • Overheating of technical equipment
  • Defects such as short circuits
  • Considerable damage even in the case of small fires

Fire Protection

For small and medium-sized server rooms, the MX 1230 extinguishing system is the ideal solution. It gives residue-free extinguishing using the innovative FK 5-1-12 extinguishing agents and requires very little space. Oxeo inert gas extinguishing systems are ideal for large server rooms. The MX 1230 extinguishing system and Oxeo inert gas extinguishing systems are triggered, and fires are detected, by a fire detection system using a HELIOS AMX5000 smoke aspirating system.


OneU Fire protection systems
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