Experts in fire protection


Research facilities present fire protection systems with special and particularly demanding requirements: even if a fire does break out, the strictly regulated pressure relationships must be maintained, since they are designed to protect the exterior surroundings and the environment; and of course, all the expensive, sensitive installations have to be secured from damage. Not an easy task, therefore efficient fire protection previously mostly ended at the laboratory door.

With the novel Argotec CleanLab gas extinguishing system, Minimax now provides optimum safety. This solution fulfills all requirements placed on the fire detection system without having to make any compromises. When the system is activated, either manually or by means of a fire detector, a fire detection and extinguishing control unit takes over control. One particular feature: differential pressure measurement is used to control the room ventilation so that the preset room pressure is maintained. The new Argotec CleanLab system is able to build up and maintain a concentration of gas sufficient to put out a fire even while the ventilation is still running. This allows the fire to be extinguished efficiently without destroying the pressure difference or leaving residues of extinguishing agent to damage the room. The economic benefits of this solution are evident: in sensitive laboratories, work in progress is much less affected by a fire incident - work can be resumed after just a brief period of time. The low rate of downtimes, rapid approval procedures and the solid protection of high-tech investments all speak out in favor of Argotec CleanLab.