Experts in fire protection


It is very important to pay attention to the fire safety of parking garages. Fires in parking houses are characterized by the great damage they leave behind. Parking houses are often underground so that they are difficult to reach for the fire brigade. This way the fire can easily spread with all its consequences.

With a Minifog EconAqua water mist extinguishing system, a fire will be limited to the source.

As a result, the fire safety of the parking house is guaranteed and the environment will not be affected to a great extent by the fire.

The application in parking garages has been tested and is the only certified according to the VdS (OH2).

On the basis of structural equivalence, considerable savings can be made on the construction costs of the parking house. Water mist ensures cooling of the construction so that fire safety can be guaranteed with less long fire-resistant walls.

The Minifog EconAqua water mist extinguishing system has the following advantages:

  • A safe environment;
  • Equivalent to sprinkler installations, but lower consumption;
  • Construction is protected (Savings on building costs);
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Fire detection by thermal detector;
  • Approved by the VdS;
  • Continuity guaranteed;
  • Fire safety in the parking garage;
  • Fire ventilation can in many cases be smaller.