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The CPS 1230 cabinet protection system (CPS) is a standardized comprehensive set with all necessary components in one package. The system is specially designed for fire protection of the sensitive and high-quality electronics in control cabinets and offers reliable and residue-free extinguishing through the use of the non-conductive Novec™ 1230 extinguishant by 3M™. The comprehensive set can be easily installed on site, both in the case of new installations and retrofits.

  • CPS 1230 extinguishing systems protect cabinets with electronic and electric components
  • The system prevents the fire from spreading to other facilities in the vicinity of the protected cabinets
  • No extended downtimes in energy supply and production facilities
  • One system can protect up to two cabinets
  • The Novec 1230 extinguishing agent is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive and does not leave any residues
  • New systems can be easily and quickly installed or retrofitted


Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
Extinguishing agent supply
Smoke detector
Extinguishing agent line
Extinguishing agent nozzle
Electric horn
Design of a switch cabinet extinguishing system
  1. Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
  2. Extinguishing agent supply
  3. Smoke detector
  4. Extinguishing agent line
  5. Extinguishing agent nozzle
  6. Electric horn


Fire detection and control technology

Fire alarm and extinguishing control technology

Tried and tested Minimax fire detection and extinguishing control technology ensures reliable fire detection as well as control and function monitoring of the system. Each protected cabinet is monitored by smoke detectors. Unlike heat detectors, these already transmit a signal to the fire detection and extinguishing control panel in the initial stages of a fire. The control panel then initiates the shut-down of the energy supply of the cabinet and controls the electric triggering device of the extinguishing agent tank to ensure that the extinguishing agent can flow into the cabinet. At the same time, it triggers an alarm and optionally transmits a signal to a permanently manned post.

Extinguishing agent tank

Two differently sized CPS 1230 extinguishing agent tanks provide protection for all common cabinet sizes. The extinguishing agent container is placed either directly in the protected cabinet or on the outside, on or next to the cabinet. Inside the extinguishing agent tank, a cushion of nitrogen covers the extinguishing agent and thus generates an operational pressure of 42 bar. The extinguishing agent tank is fitted with a valve with an integrated electrical triggering device.

Extinguishing nozzles with supply lines

A CPS 1230 extinguishing nozzle is installed in the upper section of each protected cabinet. The special geometry of the CPS 1230 nozzles with a spraying angle of 210° ensures that the extinguishing agent is homogeneously distributed throughout the entire cabinet in the event of fire. The appropriate supply lines connect the extinguishing nozzles with the extinguishing agent tank.


CPS 1230 Cabinet protection systems
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