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The production process in food plants is characterized by complex processing areas where machines are used for crushing and separating, drying and heating. The individual processing areas are interconnected through various mechanical and pneumatic conveyor systems to ensure effective handling of the material. In addition, food plants often have various auxiliary areas that may range from powerhouses with turbines and transformers to different types of storage and server rooms.

Increasing automation and ever higher production speeds cause a tremendous increase of the risk of an outbreak of a fire. Fires can spread rapidly to other processing areas due to the closely interconnected production processes. The high fire load in combination with the generation of fine dust particles can quickly cause fires and explosions that can bring the entire production process to a standstill. 

Flames, smoke, gas emissions, heat – fire has many facets. Minimax has the right fire detectors for the various areas within a food plant. Their signals converge in the fire detection and extinguishing control panel, which issues an alarm to the people at risk and the fire brigade. In addition, the Minimax panel monitors the installed fire protection systems for proper functioning and electrically triggers those extinguishing systems that are not equipped with their own triggering elements, e.g. sprinkler systems.

A sprinkler system ensures overall building protection in a food plant. Minimax offers a broad range of sprinkler types and special sprinklers that allow for ideal adaptation of the sprinkler system to the respective installation situation in the individual protected areas. Areas with special fire risks or deployment conditions require - either in addition to or instead of the sprinkler system - a tailored volume- or equipment protection system. Therefore, deluge extinguishing systems, Oxeo inert gas extinguishing systems, carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, halocarbon extinguishing systems and spark extinguishing systems are also used in food plants.

The alarm and condition reports issued by the fire protection systems installed by Minimax, as well as by other suppliers, can be visualized on screens by the Inveron hazard management system. Structural fire protection, as well as technical systems by Minimax Mobile Services, such as fire extinguishers, wall hydrants and smoke and heat extraction systems, complete fire protection in a food plant.


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