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UniVario industrial fire detectors are intelligent, platform-based and microprocessor controlled fire detectors. Thanks to their modular concept and advanced signal processing techniques, these detectors meet individual requirement profiles within an exceptionally wide range of applications. UniVario industrial fire detectors work indoors and outdoors; likewise in the direct vicinity of the equipment to be protected as well as from larger distances. They are deployable in both clean room areas and under harsh process conditions as well as in explosion-hazardous areas, thus providing solutions to all requirements.


UniVario industrial fire detectors are intelligent, platform-based, microprocessor-controlled fire detectors with a robust housing and assembly technology for even the harshest working conditions. Thanks to their modular design and use of the latest signal processing technology, these devices meet individual specifications in an extraordinarily wide range of uses. For example, they can be used indoors and outdoors, in the immediate vicinity of the protected facility or from greater distances, in clean rooms or areas as well as in extremely dirty process conditions.

  • Fast fire detection with a very low risk of false alarms
  • High industrial safety
  • Broad field of application
  • Easy to adapt to changes in conditions
  • Low power consumption – potential for cutting costs

  • Flexible connection technologies, simple installation
  • Worldwide approvals

Fire detector with a modular structure

The combination of highly responsive sensors
and intelligent evaluation algorithms ensures that UniVario industrial fire detectors always detect fires very fast with a very low risk of false alarms. Their ability to intelligently suppress disturbance variables, high and very accurate response temperatures and the option to use the detectors in explosion-hazardous areas offer a very broad range of applications for UniVario detectors.

Application-specific configuration of signal processing and modularity permit easy adaptation of changing operating conditions. The high level of operational dependability is ensured by microcontroller-based function monitoring and the sensor test, as well as by the high degree of protection (IP66, IP67), oil leak tightness and a high level of impact and vibration resistance. The number of worldwide approvals confirms the quality and wide field of application.

The communicative detector in the loop

By using communication modules, UniVario industrial fire detectors can be converted to full-blown analogue addressable detectors. As a result, and unlike most other available industrial fire detectors, these detectors can be integrated into the fire detection systems as full-scale detectors with a protocol merely by plugging in a module. Reported events can be assigned precisely to a detector, and the fire alarm and extinguishing control panel can initiate the required steps. UniVario detectors are the first industrial fire detectors where this option is available even for explosion-hazardous areas. The KMX5000 AP and KMX5000 AP Ex module allow to operate the UniVario industrial fire detectors as complete loop participants on fire detection control panels with Loop AP protocol – without required specific loop couplers.

UniVario Detector types


UniVario WMX5000 Heat detector with stainless steel heat sensor

UniVario WMX5000 is a heat detector with stainless steel heat sensor.

The WMX5000 is designed to detect open fires where temperature is increasing rapidly, such as in the case of highly combustible solids, liquids, and gases. It responds instantaneously to any rapid rise in temperature or as soon as a pre-programmed temperature is exceeded. It offers a number of different installation options, making it suitable for monitoring rooms as well as processes. It has been designed specifically with challenging industrial environments in mind, including indoor and outdoor risks and for potentially hazardous areas.

WMX5000 FS

UniVario WMX5000 FS Heat detector with remote stainless steel heat sensor

UniVario WMX5000 FS is a high-temperature detector with a robust decoupled stainless steel heat sensor.

The WMX5000 FS heat detector is specially designed to work in temperatures of up to 850 °C. Its heat sensor enables simple and flexible installation. A microcontroller monitors the function and analyzes temperature values. With its tough, sealed housing, the WMX5000 FS can be used in all sorts of scenarios. Optimum results are provided even when subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, heavy soiling and aggressive conditions. The heat sensor comes in different designs. The alarm temperature and response behavior is programmable, making it suitable for a host of applications.

FMX5000 IR

UniVario FMX5000 IR Fire detector with 3 sensors and 3-fold optical test

UniVario FMX5000 IR is an extremely robust three-channel infrared flame detector with three-way optical test.

Despite the disturbance sources typical for industrial applications, the UniVario FMX5000 IR is extremely fast at detecting flames. Hot machine surfaces, direct sun radiation in exterior surroundings, and welding operations are filtered by a special sensor combination and intelligent processing, while at the same time even the very small flames of an emerging fire are reliably detected and signaled as an alarm. With its three-way optical test, whereby all three sensors as well as the optical detector window are monitored, the UniVario FMX5000 IR is extremely fail-safe.

FMX5000 UV

UniVario FMX5000 UV Fire detector with spectral sensitivity in the ultraviolet range

UniVario FMX5000 UV is a flame detector with spectral responsiveness in the ultraviolet range.

The flame detector FMX5000 UV reacts to optical radiation and analyzes specific wavelengths. It is installed wherever open flames are likely to develop quickly. Its perfect combination of early detection, high sensitivity, reliability, and the lowest possible risk of false alarms caused by thunderstorms, hot surfaces, or strong solar radiation make the UniVario fire detector indispensable for preventing the rapid spread of fires.


Univario YMX5000

UniVario YMX5000 is a modular detection system.

It consists of a control unit with three ports and detached sensor units for spark and rapid flame detection. The system is ideally suited for confined installation conditions in harsh, industrial environments. For the application area of spark detection in particular, the UniVario YMX5000 system can also be used in extreme temperature ranges.


Depending on the detector model, UniVario industrial fire detectors are FM-approved and tested and certified by VdS Schadenverhütung. In addition, other international certification bodies, for example CCC, conformity to Russian standards, MOE, CPD, CSFM, ATEX, IECEx and NEC have granted approvals.

Hydraulic presses
Hydraulic presses

Protection zone

Hydraulic presses are often used for metal forming. In the process of press hardening, the units that are to be compacted are covered with an oily film before pressing, heated up to the required forming temperature and then pressed into the desired form using a stamp and a die. This creates high friction heat. Hence the units to be compacted must subsequently be cooled down in a controlled manner in open oil hardening basins.


  • Leaks in oil pipelines
  • High friction heat when pressing
  • Highly flammable oily film on the units to be compacted

Fire Protection

The water-saving Minifog ProCon water mist extinguishing system is ideally suited for fire protection. Minifog ProCon impulse nozzles positioned at the press generate a fine spray mist that reaches the fire even in the event of the press having complex geometries. A fire detection system triggers the extinguishing system through UniVario flame and heat detectors.

Machine tool
Machine tool

Protection zone

Machine tools are used for different stages of processing such as drilling, turning, grinding or milling. These are often enclosed machine tools that consist of a work area, transport area and exhaust system. Depending on the material, two processing methods are differentiated: wet processing with the use of cooling lubricants containing oil and dry processing for working workpieces made of light metals.


  • Unintentional build-up of heat
  • Easily ignited coolants and lubricants
  • Potentially explosive atmospheres at certain dust concentration levels
  • Metal fire during dry working

Fire Protection

Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems are suitable for wet working. The extinguishing nozzles may for enclosed machine tools be installed directly within the housing so that a fire can be extinguished precisely and without leaving a residue. An alternative to this is offered by the water-saving Minifog ProCon XP water mist extinguishing system. The use of Oxeo extinguishing systems with argon extinguishing agent is the right choice for the dry working of light metals. With the extremely inert noble gas argon, interaction with burning metal is excluded. The release of the extinguishing systems is via a fire detection system, in addition to which the fire detection control panel can send signals to control the equipment.

Production and assembly halls
Production and assembly halls

Protection zone

Production and assembly halls are typically extensive multi-story buildings that offer the necessary space for machinery and systems. Such halls are often not structurally subdivided, and the individual areas are interconnected by fully-automated conveyor systems.


  • Technical defects, such as short circuits at production facilities
  • Highly flammable materials
  • Rapid spreading of fire due to open spaces and interconnecting conveyor systems

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems are often the ideal solution for production and assembly areas. Their basic concept of selective extinguishing satisfies the applicable requirements. In case of activation, the water is not dispersed throughout the entire production and assembly hall.

Storage of hazardous substances
Storage of hazardous substances

Protection zone

Hazardous substances are materials or mixtures that are explosive, combustible or harmful to human health or the environment. Warehouses where such substances are stored have a great variety of typical designs, subject, however, to specific laws and regulations applicable to their construction. Such provisions require e.g., fall-safe storage, soil protection in the form of collecting reservoirs and extinguishing water retention systems as well as the prevention of operational sources of ignition.


  • Rapid spread of fire
  • Devastating effects of fire on people and the environment

Fire Protection

As a rule, the planned fire protection system for hazardous substance storage is determined in particular by the characteristics of the stored goods. Accordingly, nearly the full range of fire extinguishing systems is used in such facilities. For this type of storage, Oxeo inert gas extinguishing systems are often the preferred solution: they extinguish fires quickly without leaving residue, and reactions between the burnt materials and extinguishing agents are precluded. Alternatives are Oxeo EcoPrevent systems or CO₂ or foam extinguishing systems. A fire detection system triggers the extinguishing systems. UniVario flame and heat detectors are used for detection purposes.

Waste disposal
Waste disposal

Protection zone

Large quantities of different types of packaging waste are often collected in separate recycling and waste collection areas. Cardboard and trash compactors reduce the storage volume. In addition, waste is also stored in containers in outside areas.


  • Auto-ignition in case of insufficient ventilation
  • Large quantities of highly flammable organic material
  • Arson in outdoor areas
  • Carelessly discarded cigarette butts

Fire Protection

The sprinkler systems used for the protection of buildings effectively combat fires also in the case of burning organic waste and packaging materials. Outdoor areas can be included in the protection range, in which case a dry system or, alternatively, Minimax PipeGuard Antifreeze prevents freezing of the extinguishing water and protects against possible frost damage. If large quantities are stored, a deluge system with open nozzles should rather be selected. This system is triggered by a fire detection system with UniVario industrial smoke detectors.


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