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The danger is hidden in the roof!

The roofs of many industrial and commercial buildings are currently being equipped or retrofitted with photovoltaic systems to harness solar power. If a failure to these systems occurs and the roofing catches fire, it can spread quickly along the entire roof structure. The result can be serious damage to the facilities and high costs due to operational downtime, repairs and replacements, if not complete destruction of the building.

PVProtect therefore uses a holistic protection concept to shield lives and property from fire damage caused by PV systems: linear heat detectors monitor the area below the photovoltaic modules for unusual temperature increases. This allows for fires to be detected early and located accurately. In the event of a fire, PVProtect automatically initiates the suppression to prevent uncontrolled spreading. Simultaneously, the system alerts the emergency services and distributes a warning signal for people on site to enable safe evacuation of affected areas.

Four building blocks - one system

Early fire detection

  • Targeted monitoring of the roof surface below the PV systems for unusual temperature rises

  • Reliable detection of the fire outdoors using special measurement technology

  • Early detection forms the basis for fast and effective firefighting and safe evacuation of affected buildings

Precise localization

  • PVProtect provides precise localization of the fire’s source through the targeted arrangement of heat differential detectors in the area of the photovoltaic modules

  • Alerts people in buildings affected by fire

  • Informs the emergency services of the fire’s location

Effective fire suppression

  • Fires are automatically extinguished before they can spread far and wide

  • Specially developed extinguishing nozzles enable water to be distributed over the entire area even at low operating pressures

  • Precise positioning and alignment of the extinguishing nozzles ensure effective firefighting

Reliable technology

  • Close distribution of reporting points guarantees precise monitoring of the roof surface below the PV system
  • Detection technology reliably detects noticeable increases in temperature outdoors

Fire spread with PVProtect

  • Sensors in the heat detector cable identify the incipient fire
  • Automatic fire fighting is initiated immediately
  • PV nozzles distribute water evenly across roof surface
  • Fire damages and subsequent downtime are reduced significantly

Fire spread without PVProtect

  • The incipient fire remains undetected
  • It can spread across the roof and within the insulation, resurfacing in unexpected locations
  • This may result in large-scale damages, long downtimes and high costs for repairs and business interruptions

Many advantages - one system

Holistic protection concept

  • Detect fires at an early stage and locate them precisely
  • Alert emergency services and people on site immediately
  • Automatically start the extinguishing water supply and fire suppression
  • Support emergency services by localizing and suppressing fires and assisting in evacuation

Comprehensive protection

  • Offers protection against devastating consequential damages from a fire
  • Helpst to minimize costs from business interruptions
  • Helps to prevent fire from spreading to the interior of the building

Sustainable system design

  • Does not require any constructional adaptations to the roof structure
  • Enables quick and easy integration during ongoing operations
  • Allows cost-effective expansion of existing extinguishing systems

Recommended by insurances

  • Tested for effectiveness and approved by VdS Schadenverhütung
  • Forms the basis for the comprehensive insurability of buildings with photovoltaic systems
  • Offers a high level of operational safety thanks to proven technologies and safety reserves in the design

Minimax makes the difference

  • First VdS-approved firefighting solution for roof surfaces with photovoltaic systems
  • Detects and suppresses incipient fires automatically
  • Cost-effective expansion option for existing extinguishing systems


VdS - Confidence through Safety


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