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Next generation fire fighting 

MXOne, the high-performance extinguishing turbine represents a new generation of stationary firefighting systems. This unique system has a 360 ° operating range and enables the highly precise application of water mist from a safe and great distance. In the event of a fire, the water mist absorbs a huge amount of energy, cools particularly effectively, and reaches hidden fire sources better than classic monitors. It binds smoke gases, pollutants and odors and can spread rapidly and effectively across large areas without flushing away burning goods, as is the case with traditional fire monitors using bundled jets. Consequently, MXOne is ideally suited for protecting numerous industries and risk areas from specific fire risks inside or outside of buildings like never before

Advantages at a glance:

Efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Rapid firefighting and ambient cooling using sophisticated water mist technology
  • Low water consumption
  • Simple and safe operation by remote control
  • Wear-resistant pipe connections in the turning area due to special constructions 

Highest flexibility: 

  • Flexible utilization of potable water, saltwater and foam 
  • Automatic or manual precision targeting 
  • Adjustable spray pattern, from water mist to full jet
  • Can be easily integrated into operating infrastructure and existing fire suppression systems

Large effective range: 

  • 360° rotation and up to 80 m discharge range
  • Can be placed inside and outside
  • Mounting on the ground or on a high pile possible
  • Stationary and mobile version available 


Nozzle ring
Operating pressure 4 to 16 bar (58 to 232 psi)
Configurations: nozzle head (water mist) or jet pipe (spray jet)
Max. flow rate 4,000 l/min
Water connection 4" (DN100)
LED lighting (2 x 3,000 lumen)
Rotation angle 360°
Propeller power 12.5 kW at 2,910 rpm
Tilting angle -19° to +43°
Fully automatic or manual control
Weight 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs)
Power connection 400 V/50 Hz (480 V/60 Hz) | Nominal current 38 A
Summer and winter operation | -15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F)
Design of the MXOne High Performance Firefighting Turbine
  1. Nozzle ring
  2. Operating pressure 4 to 16 bar (58 to 232 psi)
  3. Configurations: nozzle head (water mist) or jet pipe (spray jet)
  4. Max. flow rate 4,000 l/min
  5. Water connection 4" (DN100)
  6. LED lighting (2 x 3,000 lumen)
  7. Rotation angle 360°
  8. Propeller power 12.5 kW at 2,910 rpm
  9. Tilting angle -19° to +43°
  10. Fully automatic or manual control
  11. Weight 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs)
  12. Power connection 400 V/50 Hz (480 V/60 Hz) | Nominal current 38 A
  13. Summer and winter operation | -15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F)


Positioning: MXOne is designed for use both inside and outside buildings. The extinguishing system can be installed on the ground or raised on a pole with a mounting frame.

Operating concept: MXOne is controlled and aligned fully automatically or manually by remote control. The operating concept offers a wide range of control options from stationary to mobile.

Effective range: The extinguishing turbine covers a large effective range. It can be tilted from -19° to +43°, has a rotation angle of 360° and a discharge range up to 80 m. 

Detection: The fire is detected by infrared camera technology or by UniVario industrial fire detectors. The signal is forwarded to the connected fire alarm control panel.


Minimax engineers test MXOne in full-scale fire tests

A system that works – extensively tested

MXOne is not only a firefighting turbine. Rather, it is a complex high-performance suppression system that has had to prove its reliability in numerous tests. Minimax engineers have successfully optimized the system in full-scale fire tests for use in its application areas. Minimax knowhow in engineering, installation and service ensures that MXOne provides customers with a system that sets new standards in supporting fire protection.

Tests on a 1:1 scale

Not only successful fire trials using different representative flammable materials are part of the development of a suppression system. Minimax engineers also repeatedly test MXOne under various weather conditions and continuously incorporate practical experience into the further development of the system. Throw distances have already been increased significantly, and spray patterns have been optimized for use in various fire scenarios.

Extinguishing agent

De MXone in actie

MXOne can be operated with potable water, saltwater and with/without foam agent. This makes it possible to safely master a wide range of risk scenarios. The spray pattern ranges from a fine water mist to a full jet. The high-performance firefighting system reaches a flow rate of up to 4,000 liters per minute with a discharge range of up 75 m.


The turbine can be controlled and aligned fully automatically. Information from at least two fire detectors (e.g. UniVario industrial fire detectors or infrared cameras) is assessed in the fire detection control panel and the location of the source of the fire is accurately determined before MXOne is activated. Alternatively, manual control of the turbine is always feasible. Both stationary and mobile control variants can be implemented according to the operator's requirements.

Intelligent control allows a single turbine to target two or more adjacent areas in alternation with extinguishing water. This means that multiple fires can be fought in parallel, while nearby facilities threatened by fire can be specifically cooled at the same time.

MXOne application areas

Areas of use 

Typical requirements for systems that are to be used in harsh, industrial environments: resilience, reliability and efficiency. MXOne fully meets these requirements and, despite its robust design, is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. Thanks to the turbine technology, MXOne achieves throw distances of up to 80 m, and is quickly and infinitely adjustable, both in terms of elevation and tilting angle. This means that the throw distance can be adjusted at any time. The fire suppression system can be used in areas with an ambient temperature of -15 °C to 55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F).

MXOne is the optimal solution for

  • Recycling companies
  • Wood-processing industry
  • Chemical plants & refineries
  • Airports/hangars
  • Substations & transformers
Delivery and storage areas
Delivery and storage areas

Protection zone

Depending on the operating process, raw-, auxiliary- and operating materials are stored in outdoor areas or delivered and often also stored in a shed. Frequently both storage options are found in a processing operation.


  • Stored materials may quickly ignite themselves
  • Dust can cause a potentially explosive atmosphere to arise

Fire Protection

Dumps situated outside are generally monitored with infra-red cameras for undesirable build-ups of heat. If there is a threat of ignition, a signal is transmitted to the connected fire detection control panel. Extinguishing monitors aimed manually or by remote control at the target provide for effective fighting of the so-called hot spot via water enhanced with film forming foam compound. Facilities nearby that are threatened by a fire are also selectively cooled with extinguishing monitors.

Internal storage areas on the other hand are securely protected against fire with sprinkler systems. Deluge systems provide for reliable fire fighting for ceiling heights above 15 meters. In this case automatic release of the extinguishing system is via a fire detection system. Smoke aspiration systems of the HELIOS AMX5000 type or UniVario flame detectors are used for detection.


Protection zone

Transformers make sure that electricity is ready for network distribution. They function as links between the turbine, the turbine generators and the network. They consist typically of the transformer housing with a cooler, oil conservators and oil-filled insulators.


  • Short circuits within the transformers
  • Overheating
  • Leaking oil

Fire Protection

As soon as overheating is detected, the transformer is automatically shut down to prevent a fire from breaking out. The basis for the fire protection is a Buchholz relay. This relay ensures prompt identification of cooling required for components at risk of overheating. The TrafoProtect solution developed by Minimax based on the latest research results, protection aims and testing schemes completes the concept. The special UL-approved nozzles, Viking Model A and Model C-1, achieve an even and consistent distribution of water when activated. In doing so, the system successfully meets the protection aims of "control" and "suppression". At the same time, the consumption of water can be reduced to a level significantly below that of conventional deluge systems. A fire detection system will trigger the extinguishing system.

Waste disposal
Waste disposal

Protection zone

Large quantities of different types of packaging waste are often collected in separate recycling and waste collection areas. Cardboard and trash compactors reduce the storage volume. In addition, waste is also stored in containers in outside areas.


  • Auto-ignition in case of insufficient ventilation
  • Large quantities of highly flammable organic material
  • Arson in outdoor areas
  • Carelessly discarded cigarette butts

Fire Protection

The sprinkler systems used for the protection of buildings effectively combat fires also in the case of burning organic waste and packaging materials. Outdoor areas can be included in the protection range, in which case a dry system or, alternatively, Minimax PipeGuard Antifreeze prevents freezing of the extinguishing water and protects against possible frost damage. If large quantities are stored, a deluge system with open nozzles should rather be selected. This system is triggered by a fire detection system with UniVario industrial smoke detectors.

Wood processing machine
Wood processing machine

Protection zone


Fire Protection


The effectiveness of MXOne has been extensively tested and confirmed by independent bodies, including accredited fire protection certification bodies such as bSafe, DMT and MPA Dresden.

MPA Dresden


MXOne - Firefighting turbine
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