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Minimax site in Gothenburg
August 5, 2022 - About Minimax

Minimax opens first Office in Scandinavia

Bad Oldesloe / Gothenburg, August 8, 2022 – We are pleased to announce that the Minimax Viking Group has established a Minimax office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Minimax Scandinavia AB is represented by managing director Mr. Leif Martinsson.

Minimax Scandinavia AB is part of the internationally operating Minimax Fire Solutions International GmbH, headquartered in Germany. The new office will strengthen the local presence in all Nordic countries.

“We are going to act as a sales and service hub that can offer process related and holistic fire protection solutions and services for the marine, industry and energy sector”, Leif Martinsson explains. Martinsson is working in the field of fire protection business for more than 20 years, and has been representing Minimax in Scandinavia through his former company Safetech IPS AB.

“We are very glad to welcome Leif Martinsson on board of our team. With the new entity and setup we are getting much closer to our many esteemed existing and also new customers in Scandinavia”, Thorsten Westphal, Managing Director of Minimax Fire Solutions International GmbH, declares at the opening ceremony in Gothenburg.

Minimax öppnar sitt första kontor i Skandinavien

Bad Oldesloe / Göteborg, augusti 08, 2022 – Vi är glada att meddela att Minimax Viking Group har öppnat ett Minimax-kontor i Göteborg, Sverige. Minimax Scandinavia AB representeras av VD Leif Martinsson.

Minimax Scandinavia AB är en del av det internationellt verksamma Minimax Fire Solutions International GmbH med huvudkontor i Tyskland. Det nya kontoret kommer att stärka den lokala närvaron i alla nordiska länder.

"Vi kommer att fungera som ett försäljnings- och servicecenter som kan erbjuda processrelaterade och kompletta brandskyddslösningar och tjänster för marin-, industri- och energisektorn", förklarar Leif Martinsson. Martinsson har varit verksam inom brandskyddsbranschen i mer än 20 år och har representerat Minimax i Skandinavien genom sitt tidigare företag Safetech IPS AB.

"Vi är mycket glada att välkomna Leif Martinsson till teamet. Med den nya enheten och organisationen kommer vi mycket närmare våra många uppskattade befintliga och även nya kunder i Skandinavien", förklarar Thorsten Westphal, VD för Minimax Fire Solutions International GmbH, vid invigningsceremonin i Göteborg.

Om Minimax
I 120 år har Minimax varit ett av de ledande varumärkena inom brandskydd. Minimax Viking-koncernen har en nuvarande årlig registrerad omsättning på 1,9 miljarder euro och sysselsätter cirka 9 500 personer över hela världen. Koncernen, som har sitt huvudkontor i Bad Oldesloe i Tyskland, har flera forsknings-, utvecklings- och tillverkningsanläggningar. Minimax erbjuder skräddarsydda lösningar för tillämpningar inom sektorer som bilindustri, kraft, olja och gas, förnybara energikällor, batteritillverkning, trä, papper, pellets, återvinning, avfallshantering, IT eller sjöfart, varhelst det finns ett brandhot. Ett omfattande utbud av produkter och tjänster från en enda leverantör under brandskyddsteknikens hela livscykel kompletterar erbjudandet. För ytterligare information, se:

Kontakt för media
Minimax Scandinavia AB
Leif Martinsson
Sisjö Kullegata 8
436 32 ASKIM, Sweden
Telefon: +46 31463600

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WindEnergy Hamburg
July 18, 2022 - About Minimax

MFSI Renewables at WindEnergy Hamburg

Fire Protection for Wind Turbine Generators

For more than 110 years, Minimax has been one of the world's leading brands in fire protection. Headquartered in Bad Oldesloe, Germany, the group has several in-house research, development and manufacturing facilities and is committed to sustainability. Every fire that we can prevent is a contribution to environmental protection. The use of environmentally friendly extinguishing agents and fire protection for green energy are two of many sustainable approaches pursued by Minimax.

Minimax Fire Solutions International has been developing fire protection for WTGs since 1998. The Competence Center Renewables and Special Hazards benefits from decades of experience in fire protection for highly specialized applications such as turbines, machinery and sophisticated industrial plants. Nowadays, WTGs are high-performance power plants in their own right. The construction of higher power rates for onshore as well as offshore installations today require enormous investments – and thus also protection against operational interruptions or a possible total loss.

Minimax offers a full range of fire protection solutions in this respect. The spectrum goes far beyond water, gas and fire alarm systems. The solutions for WTGs are based on a unique range of tested and certified components and systems based on Minimax development and manufacturing facilities. Retrofit of existing WTGs and integrating into new systems are both feasible. The special challenges of WTGs, such as permanent vibrations and extreme range of temperatures, were taken into consideration.

A special highlight of our trade show appearance will be the high-performance MXOne extinguishing turbine from Minimax. It enables innovative fire protection using highly efficient water mist from a safe distance. Thus, it represents a new generation of firefighting systems. It allows highly efficient, precise and targeted suppression from a significant and safe distance. The turbine achieves a large discharge range thanks to the adjustable jet pipe, even when using a foam agent.In the wind energy sector, it is particularly suitable for use on converter platforms or helicopter landing pads.

Our experts have many years of experience and accompany each project individually in order to meet the requirements of authorities, insurers and operators, taking into consideration the applicable guidelines. The Minimax experts will be happy to support you to find the best solution for your WTGs. Please, do not hesitate to contact:

More information: (link)

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SMM 2022
July 18, 2022 - About Minimax

Customized fire protection for You

Minimax Fire Solutions International at SMM 2022

Global development has resulted in major challenges for all of us. Alternative engines to reduce emissions and the storage of electrical energy create new challenges for fire protection.

Minimax develops, designs and installs fire protection and firefighting systems that meet both current regulations and customer´s requirements. The solutions are individually geared to the customer's application and fulfill the requirements of the classification boards. It´s range of systems covers protection for alternative engines such as fuel cells (whether powered by methanol or hydrogen) or battery rooms and transformers.

The high-pressure water mist extinguishing system "Minifog marine XP" offers comprehensive protection for all areas on a ship. A Minifog marine XP system can protect machinery space up to 8,235m2 and achieves a saving of water of up to 90%. Significantly fewer sprinklers are required than with conventional systems. The use of the Minifog marine XP system satisfies the demand for minimizing space and weight, along with the highest safety requirements.

Furthermore, Minimax offers an alternative solution – the MX 1230 marine extinguishing system with the proven and tested clean agent NovecTM 1230. As this extinguishant is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive, no damage can result from short circuits or residue on sensitive components. This makes MX 1230 marine systems perfectly suited to shipping applications and the protection of sensitive components. The non-existing ozone hazard of the extinguishing agent ensures the future viability.

Minimax also covers the entire supply chain for fire protection systems, ensuring that the systems incorporate the latest technology and work reliably. Continuous innovation starts with constant research and development work, risk analysis and technical design and continues with in-house production of key components.

These additional fire protection systems are:

  • Gas extinguishing systems, like HP CO2 or LP CO2
  • Rotating Pop-Up foam extinguishing nozzle for helidecks
  • Sprinkler and sprinkler equivalent fire extinguishing systems
  • Fixed water-based local application systems for engine rooms
  • Foam extinguishing systems for helidecks and tank decks
  • Drencher systems for car decks and gas tankers
  • Powder extinguishing systems, modular or multi-zone systems
  • KS2000-8 marine extinguishing systems for deep fat cooking equipment
  • Portable fire extinguishers & Design Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire detection systems
  • OneU 19” computer racks protection
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July 18, 2022 - About Minimax

Aluminium 2022

Fire Protection in the Aluminum Industry is a Special Challenge

Even small fires can paralyze the entire production plant. Fire risks are considerable: high temperatures during casting and processing by rolling, forging, extrusion or bending favor the development of fires. Technical defects in production equipment, open construction methods and the interconnectedness of production areas favor rapid fire spread.

Different extinguishing techniques and fire protection concepts are required for the various protection areas within aluminum plants. Minimax offers these fire protection techniques from a single source. In doing so, the experts in fire protection can draw on extensive experience in various industries: whether in automotive, aluminum or energy power plants, logistics centers, offices and administration buildings, data centers or on ships - wherever fire hazards arise, Minimax supplies customized solutions and is also available with a comprehensive range of services after the fire protection system has been installed.

At Aluminium 2022 in Düsseldorf, Minimax will be highlighting two fire protection solutions that are typically used in aluminum plants:

Carbon dioxide systems
Due to its out­stand­ing prop­er­ties, the car­bon di­ox­ide ex­tin­guish­ing sys­tem is the ideal fire pro­tec­tion solu­tion for many areas of ap­plic­a­tion. Car­bon di­ox­ide ex­tin­guish­ing sys­tems are well-suited for high risk areas, where, in the event of a fire, it is ne­ces­sary to keep the pro­tec­ted ob­jects avail­able and func­tion­ing, to min­im­ize op­er­a­tional in­ter­rup­tions after a fire. More information (Link)

Minifog ProCon XP High Pressure Water Mist System
Minifog ProCon XP highpressure water mist systems by Minimax offer excellent fire protection with minimal water consumption and are ideal for turbines, machines and equipment with combustible liquids that are operated in confined spaces. More information (Link)

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Data Centre World Fair
April 13, 2022 - About Minimax

Minimax at Data Centre World, Frankfurt, May 11–12, 2022

Coordinated Fire Protection Solutions for all Areas of Use

As recently as March, Minimax was named Vendor of the Year in the field of Physical Data Center Security by the trade journal LANline, thus repeating last year’s victory. And rightly so: The highly complex technical equipment of data centers and other IT areas, as well as the materials used there, incur a particularly high fire risk. A comprehensive fire protection system tailored to individual requirements ensures data availability and meets insurers’ requirements.

Besides gas extinguishing or oxygen reduction systems, water mist also plays a central role in data center fire protection due to its significantly lower water impact. That is why Minimax will be presenting the water mist applications together with its partner VID Firekill. Here, Minimax, together with VID Firekill, can offer solutions with FM approval.

If you wish to learn more about our special fire protection for data centers, or just want to hold the LANline award in your hand, we look forward to seeing you at booth A25.

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Securex Polen
April 8, 2022 - About Minimax

Minimax Fire Solutions International at Securex Poland, Poznan, April 25-27, 2022

The largest event for the security industry in Central and Eastern Europe

After a forced break of two years, presence fairs are finally possible again, and Minimax is back. Impressive in its size and product diversity, the Securex International Security Fair presents a wide range of exhibits. Market leaders and internationally recognized companies from the security industry will be presenting their products and services. The focus is on innovative solutions for building security, software and systems that support security processes in various industries.

Minimax Fire Solutions International will be presenting next-generation fire protection in Hall 5A, Stand 55: The Minimax MXOne high-performance firefighting turbine enables the highly precise, targeted use of water mist from a safe and great distance. With full jet, it reaches a discharge range of up to 80m. The new development uses water mist, which absorbs a huge amount of energy, cools particularly effectively and reaches hidden fire sources due to the three-dimensional mode of action. Water mist binds smoke gas, pollutants and odors and can quickly develop its effect over large areas without, like classic monitors with their focused jets, dispersing burning material and possibly contributing to the spread of fire. 

The second focus will be on Minimax spark extinguishing systems. They protect wherever combustable materials are pneumatically transported. This is especially true for extraction and conveying equipment in the wood, textile and food industries. Ignition initials are already detected in the systems and automatically extinguished. Minimax is a pioneer in the development of spark extinguishing systems and offers them with VdS recognition as well as FM system recognition. The protection concept has been successfully proven in many thousands of applications worldwide. 

Czekamy na Ciebie - We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Holtmeyer sawmill
February 15, 2022 - Solutions

Corrosion-Protection with Fendium: Polymer-enhanced pipes in Holtmeyer sawmill

Corrosive conditions exist in the pipe networks of water extinguishing systems. This not only causes pipes to rust but deposits also form that constrict pipes and clog sprinklers. The solution: polyme

Besides the obvious benefits of longer life and longer protection against rust-through, the polymer finish on the inside implies hydraulic advantages. Even after long-term use, the surfaces of Fendium pipes stay similarly smooth as those of plastic pipes and widely free of deposits that reduce the inside diameters. This means that the required water admission is not impaired by internal corrosion residues. This is why Heinrich Holtmeyer & Sohn Sägewerk und Holzhandlung GmbH decided to use Minimax Fendium pipes in the construction of a new sorting plant.

Fendium pipes offer an ideal combination of a longer service life, increased safety and greater efficiency: a sustainable concept!

More Information

Case Study Holtmeyer sawmill

Fendium Pipes

Fire Protedtion in Wood processing plants

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Oxeo EcoPrevent FC / VG
December 22, 2021 - Solutions

Minimax Protects Deep-freeze Warehous of Coppenrath & Wiese

Sustainability in fire protection: Minimax has equipped Coppenrath & Wiese's deep-freeze warehouse in Osnabrück with a special oxygen reduction system: Minimax OXEO ECOPREVENT FC/VG.

The award-winning system generates nitrogen by means of a connected fuel cell. This solution is particularly economical: During power generation, the fuel cell produces clean, nitrogen-rich exhaust air as a by-product, which can be used for oxygen reduction. With this environmentally friendly solution, a return on investment can even be achieved, since the significant energy costs of the nitrogen generator that would otherwise be required are eliminated.

The Coppenrath & Wiese deep-freeze warehouse based in Osnabrück comprises 97,540 m3 in three protected areas. The temperature is around -22 °C. By introducing nitrogen, the oxygen concentration is reduced from 21% by volume (normal) to approx. 15% by volume and can still be accessed by verified personnel.

Saving up to 650 tons of CO2 annually
The fuel cell consistently delivers just under 100 kW of electricity (equivalent to 876,000 kWh/year) and just under 100 kW of thermal power, which the company uses to cover part of its energy load (electricity and heat). Whereas 132 kW was consumed with the old system, 86 kW of electricity is now generated on balance.

More information

Case Study Coppenrath & Wiese

Oxeo EcoPrevent FC fire prevention systems

Oxeo EcoPrevent VG fire prevention systems

Food plants

Deep-freeze warehouses


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Minimax fire protection trough BWCon 1,400
December 14, 2021 - Technologies

Certified Fire Protection for IBCs and Storage of Flammable Liquids

When IBCs replaced traditional steel drums and metal tote tanks for transporting and storing highly flammable hazardous materials in the mid-1990s, a new set of fire risks emerged.

IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) are large cuboid containers for liquid and free-flowing substances. When they replaced traditional steel drums and metal tote tanks for transporting and storing highly flammable hazardous materials in the mid-1990s, a new set of fire risks emerged. John LeBlanc, Vice President and Senior Engineering Technical Specialist in FM Global's Chief Engineer's Group, recalls, “Suddenly, we jumped from 55 gallons in a steel drum to 275 gallons or more in a plastic container."

‘Unmanageable risk’
In the event of a fire, an IBC can melt, thereby leaking liquid. When an intermediate bulk container (IBC) filled with flammable liquid leaks, insurance companies refer to it as an ‘unmanageable risk’. With a filling volume of 1,000 liters, an area of about 330 m² would be covered with 3 mm of flammable liquid.

What complicates matters further is the fact that while the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has approved IBCs for transporting flammable liquids, many assume that this approval also applies to storage.

U.S. property insurer FM Global, with its certification company FM Approvals, has addressed this issue and recently featured three products in IFP Magazine that significantly mitigate IBC fire hazards. Among them is the Minimax BWCon 1,400 FM fire protection trough that was certified by FM Approvals in 2018:

The Minimax fire protection trough is made of steel and has an integrated flame arrester. In the event of a fire, the burning liquid runs through this filter mat into the collection trough below. This combination prevents the uncontrollable spread of liquid and fire. The fire can then be extinguished, e.g. by a sprinkler system or the plant fire department, before the event develops into a major fire that threatens the existence of the plant. The tank has a total capacity of 1,400 liters. In addition to the 1,000 liters of flammable liquid from the IBC, another 400 liters of extinguishing agent can be held. This volume would be introduced by a sprinkler system during an approximate 20-minute period to extinguish the fire.

Besides the fire protection trough, FM Global certified the double-walled composite IBC from the German manufacturer Schütz in 2020 and the floor system from Houston, Texas-based Safespill back in 2017. The concept is derived from a drainage system used for helicopter landing pads in offshore oil platforms. In 2020, an enhanced version was certified for large applications such as aircraft hangars and distribution centers.

The recently introduced "LiquidProtect" sprinkler system from Minimax is not yet FM-approved but already recognized by VdS. It was developed specifically for the protection of flammable liquids in IBCs and drums stored in racks. Minimax thus provides an effective and reliable solution for the protection of flammable liquids.

Rich Ferron of FM Approvals sums up, “It has taken quite a while, but we now have FM-approved products that FM Global can recommend to its clients and that anyone in the world can purchase to address the very real fire risks associated with using IBCs in industry.”


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Reusable cylinders for gas extinguishing systems
November 18, 2021 - Service

Sustainability at Minimax: Reusable Cylinders for Gas Extinguishing Systems

Minimax is now able to undertake the required container replacement for gas extinguishing systems with reusable cylinders.

Gas extinguishing systems ensure safety, even when they are not in use. Nowadays, however, numerous systems in Germany have exceeded the recommended maximum period of use, notably twenty years. Minimax sees a need for action.

First, the legal basis stems from the relevant regulations governing transportable gas cylinders (Ortsbewegliche Gasflaschen / Druckbehälter): TRBS 3145 / TRGS 745, DIN EN 1968:2002 + A1:2005, VdS 3159. Here, the recommendation is to replace a container after the double inspection period has expired, and an inspection and evaluation by the operator is required. The operator must decide, justify and document whether the containers should remain in service or not.

What many people do not know, however, is that gas-based extinguishing systems have to be regarded as work equipment, the regular inspection of which is specified in Art. 14 of the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV). This applies, in particular, to "longer periods of non-use". Where the quick-opening valves of the containers with extinguishing agent have not been operated since the filling process, the installer or the maintenance manager must assume that the effectiveness and reliability are no longer up to standard. In this case, the system operator and persons acting on their behalf are personally liable. A responsible operator will therefore replace the containers, as the safe use can no longer be guaranteed. Safety and care for employees are the top priorities here. After all, defective, outdated gas cylinders can become a safety hazard.

New: reusable cylinders
Minimax is now able to undertake the required container replacement for gas-based extinguishing systems with reusable cylinders. In terms of quality, there is no difference between new and refurbished containers. On the other hand, the economic and ecological advantages for operators are obvious: savings in terms of costs, efforts, and valuable resources.

Containers that have been removed are revamped by Minimax and subjected to a visual and pressure test as the basis for reapplying the inspection stamp. Primer and paint renewal are possible as is the modernization of the valve technology. Old tanks are returned to the material cycle.

Opportunity for modernization
Even though the main focus on cylinder replacement is on ensuring the availability of the system technology, replacing a container also provides an opportunity for modernization due to ongoing technological development.

Existing systems can be future-proofed without applying for new approval, for example, by switching from a mechanical to pneumatic actuating device. This makes future maintenance more efficient and leads to less downtime. Other advantages include the availability of spare parts with more modern technology and the ability to expand the systems with new technology. The need to replace an old time-delay device in low-pressure systems should also be given due consideration as should a potential reduction in space requirements by switching from carbon dioxide to nitrogen.

Thus, maintenance services can be combined with modernization. With the new reusable cylinders from Minimax, this can also be done sustainably and with a clear conscience.

For further information and contact details

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