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Covid-19 Information for Business Partners

Despite Corona crisis we are at your site as your reliable and strong partner.

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We at Minimax are able to fully serve our joint projects. We will continue to carry out assembly and service activities in consultation with you within the scope of the options. In sync with easing travel and access restrictions we will resume our operations.

In addition, we have laid the foundations to provide you with the best possible support in the event of system failures. The supply of spare parts is ensured.

The Minimax crisis team has implemented a precautionary and emergency plan. As part of risk management, we keep the effects of the Corona virus as low as possible for employees and customers. Among other protective measures, recommendations by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) have been taken into account. 

With the aim of reducing sickness-related failures to a minimum, our project teams do work in a mobile shift system. Risks for the availability of materials are reduced by introducing a multi-shift system in production, blocking contact with surrounding departments and switching to additional suppliers.

We are confident that regardless of the current situation we will master the upcoming challenges together through close partnership and communication.


Wir stehen Ihnen während der Corona Krise als Ihr zuverlässiger und starker Partner zur Seite.

Minimax ist in der Lage, das gemeinsame Projektgeschäft vollumfänglich zu bedienen. Montage- und Serviceaktivtäten führen wir im Rahmen der Möglichkeiten in Absprache mit Ihnen weiterhin durch. Nicht realisierbare Einsätze werden wir nach Lockerung der Reise- und Zutrittsrestriktionen schnellstmöglich wiederaufnehmen.

Darüber hinaus haben wir die Vorrausetzungen geschaffen, Sie im Falle von Störungen bestmöglich zu unterstützen. Die Versorgung mit Ersatzteilen ist weiterhin sichergestellt.

Der Minimax Krisenstab hat einen Vorsorge- und Notfallplan implementiert. Im Rahmen des Risikomanagements halten wir die Auswirkungen des Corona-Virus für Mitarbeiter und Kunden so gering wie möglich. Dieser Plan berücksichtigt unter anderem die vom Robert Koch Institut (RKI) empfohlenen Schutzmaßnahmen.

Mit dem Ziel, krankheitsbedingte Ausfälle auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren, arbeiten unsere Projektteams mobil, aber auch im Schichtsystem. Risiken für die Materialverfügbarkeit werden durch die Einführung eines Mehrschichtsystems in der Produktion, einer Kontaktsperre zu umliegenden Abteilungen sowie der Umstellung auf zusätzliche Lieferanten reduziert.

Wir sind uns sicher, dass wir ungeachtet der aktuellen Situation, bei enger partnerschaftlicher Abstimmung und Kommunikation die bevorstehenden Herausforderungen gemeinsam meistern werden.

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October 24, 2019 - About Minimax

Hot Performance at the Research Centre

"Focus on Fire" - the Competence Center Power, Oil and Gas invited international guests to Bad Oldesloe.

The research center team went all out: they presented seven demonstrations to the approximately 50 participants of the international conference, who sat tensely in the "cinema" behind the protective glass front. The highlight was the always impressive simulation of a fire in storage racks, extinguished with a sprinkler system. 

From different perspectives, the conference highlighted specialized fire alarm and fire protection solutions for factories and power generators. The demonstrations showed a whole range of different techniques: Among others, fire detection methods such as thermography and flame detection as well as extinguishing demonstrations with water spray, water mist and gas extinguishing systems. 

In addition, Minimax presented the new Clunid FMZ6000 fire detection and extinguishing control panel, not without pride in its high level of performance and safety. 

"In addition to the internal and external speakers as well as the organizers, the team from the research center played a major role in the great success of our conference," thanked Thorsten Westphal, Managing Director of Minimax Fire Solutions International. "The practical demonstrations gave our guests a whole new perspective on the range of solutions we offer".

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Project Partner of the German Rescue Robotics Center
December 6, 2018 - About Minimax

Project Partner of the German Rescue Robotics Center

Supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

As the second largest fire protection company in the world, Minimax Viking GmbH supports the German Rescue Robotics Center (Deutsches Rettungsrobotik-Zentrum) in Dortmund. As the only project partner from the fire protection sector, Minimax Viking brings decades of experience in fire protection research.

Today marked the launch of the new specialist center on the former industrial site “Phoenix West” in Dortmund. Here, mobile robot systems for civilian hazard prevention are to be researched and developed. One of the center’s main features is the so-called “living lab” with in- and outside trial areas where the systems, together with their users, can be tested for their operational suitability in various scenarios.

The international fire protection company Minimax Viking has been working in fire protection research for decades. The Minimax fire protection research center celebrated its fiftieth jubilee in July of this year. “As one of the few private fire protection research centers in Germany, it is the biggest of its kind in Europe and carries out cutting-edge research into safety,” explained Klaus Hofmann, Chairman of the Executive Board. Minimax was the first company in Germany that used its own research center to expand its competency in the development of fire protection solutions. “This focus on innovation is characteristic of Minimax and remains a large part of the company culture,” Hofmann continued.

The German Rescue Robotics Center is aiming to gain international recognition. For the first time in Germany, emergency forces, researchers and industry will work together to develop autonomous rescue robots and a robotics task force acting on a national and an international level. They will compile testing and inspection criteria in order to guarantee the standardization and certification of different robot systems in the future. The basis is built on the four lead scenarios: fire, collapse and burial, detection of dangerous substances and flood, as well as the ensuing challenges for rescue robotics.

The starting point for the specialist center is the increased complexity of the challenges encountered by authorities and organizations with security responsibilities as part of their everyday tasks. Despite good training, mature, tactical concepts and reliable safety equipment, every year numerous members of emergency forces around the world are injured or killed at work. As technical development progresses it is, however, conceivable that mobile robotic systems will increasingly be able to take on tasks in the future, in order to make the handling of operations more effective and safer for emergency forces, endangered people and personal protective equipment.

The requirements from operational practices will be used to develop the rescue robots. Beyond the initiation and funding phase, a scientifically oriented specialist center is to be developed in order to make more efficient robotic technology available to rescue teams on the market.

The Project
The project is being supported with an initial investment for four years by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and will be led by an interdisciplinary and well-known association of users, industry, universities and research institutes. The funding is part of the German government's “Research into Civilian Safety 2012- 2017”, as part the topic area “Civilian Safety - Innovation laboratory / specialist centers for robotic systems in hostile environments” (Funding code13N14852 to 13N14863)

More information available at: or and

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March 10, 2017 - About Minimax

"Dürr Supplier Award" for Minimax

Dürr AG awarded Minimax as "Global Partner" among others for product quality.

The global plant and machinery installer Dürr AG honored its best suppliers with the Supplier Award for innovations, product quality and ability to always meet budgets and deadlines. Minimax fulfilled the international requirements in an outstanding way. "When it comes to their projects, we follow our longstanding customer Dürr around the world. We design, supply and install fire protection systems for the various Dürr construction sites according to country-specific regulations and on a global scale", says Minimax's Thilo Lindau.

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