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The Clunid FMZ6000 is a modular fire detection and extinguishing control panel, precisely tuned and assembled to the particular customer requirements. High levels of operating safety and simple operation characterize the unique properties of the Clunid panel generation.

High levels of operating safety

  • The processors in all function modules and zone operating panels are always implemented redundantly.
  • Automatic plausibility checks prevent user errors right from configuration up to the upload.
  • Updates and parameterizations take place during operation, thus
  • reducing risky shutdowns

Simple to use

  • Intuitive and modern user guidance via touch display
  • Consistently self-explanatory icons with binding operating instructions prevent errors
  • Flat menu structures allow direct and rapid navigation for all events

Limitless application possibilities

  • Control of complex multiple-zone extinguishing systems via modular system technology
  • New communication protocols allow wide selection of detectors and actuators
  • International hard and software requirements are integrated and certified


Compact Construction

As standard the Clunid FMZ6000 is fitted with a 7" touch display including group displays, a central and redundant signal processing unit, power supply unit and battery supply. It is prepared for up to 80 function modules and 27 zone control panels.

Power supply unit
Zone control panels
Direct-current converter DC/DC
Functional modules
Back-up batteries
Main power supply input
Mo­du­la­rer Auf­bau
  1. Power supply unit
  2. Zone control panels
  3. Direct-current converter DC/DC
  4. Functional modules
  5. Back-up batteries
  6. Main power supply input


The LogicManager configuration software automatically generates general system documentation. So when making changes to configuration and use, documentation becomes child’s play. To assist with maintenance work on site, fitters and technicians can use ServiceAssistant to read off the actual status of the control panel and event and history messages at any time during operation. 

Module concept

Erweiterbar mit diversen Modulen

The sophisticated module concept offers a series of additional benefits for project planning and service. All modules have the same size and can be used regardless of module type on any slot in the control panel. This allows space in the control panel housing to be used flexibly and optimally - right down to the last slot.

When a module is incorporated, addressing is automatic, so that the control panel is immediately ready for operation. This reduces project planning times, because manual hardware and software assignment is not applicable. 

LogicManager configuration software

Einfache Konfiguration mit dem LogicManager

LogicManager is the configuration software for the Clunid FMZ6000. This is constructed on the component concept and consistently separates logic and hardware. For example it is possible to change between loop and limit value functions at any time without having to restart the configuration This offers flexibility and reduces project overhead. Moreover LogicManager has a fully implemented redo and undo design and numerous logic modules with extra features.

Service Assistant

To assist with maintenance work on site, fitters and technicians can use ServiceAssistant to read off the actual status of the control panel and event and history messages at any time during operation. Information and images can be easily stored and called up later during follow-up work. Furthermore various parameters can be directly adjusted to the installation conditions on site.

Documentation of activity for commissioning, maintenance, inspection or troubleshooting also takes place in ServiceAssistant. A sophisticated role design grants different authorizations depending on the level of skills and experience.

The ServiceBox is connected to the control panel via a USB interface. Using a WLAN connection the technician can carry out both an upload and download of the LogicManager configuration and service work via the ServiceBox. Consequently a system update of all control panel components can still only take place via an interface, so that this process does not require any special skills and tools. The licensing design ensures that only authorized persons can work on the control panel.

Intuitive Bedienung der Brandmeldezentrale dank Service Assistant

Various areas of application

The Clunid FMZ6000 meets the requirements for different applications. It is used among other things:

  • As a pure fire detection control panel
  • As a pure fire detection control panelAs a combined fire detection and extinguishing control panel for gas and spark extinguishing systems
  • As a monitoring panel for water-based suppression systems
  • For the activation and monitoring of pilot-operated dry alarm valve stations 
  • For the activation of hydrant systems in Loop technology
  • For the activation of FSX valves (hydrant technology) with and without external resetting
  • As a control panel for complex fire incidentmatrices for active principle test

Protection zone

Archives house documents and information in the form of paper files or data carriers. Shelving bays or mobile storage racks make for transparent storage and as needed for quick access to specific information. The ceiling height is typically used to the limit.


  • Technical defects in devices such as the motors of electric mobile storage racks
  • Overheating of ceiling lighting
  • Highly flammable materials

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems installed for the overall protection of the building typically provide the necessary safety in archives. The use of Preaction sprinklers prevents an unintentional triggering of the extinguishing system caused by accidental damage to a sprinkler. Oxeo inert gas extinguishing systems completely exclude water damage to archived materials. They are also an optimal solution if the distance between the upper edge of the shelves and the ceiling is too narrow for sprinklers. Oxeo extinguishing systems are triggered by a fire detection system using HELIOS AMX5000 aspirating smoke detectors.

Control stations

Protection zone

Control stations are the focal point to ensure permanent safety checks. These control stations are often located in small to medium-sized rooms equipped with monitors and other technical equipment for visual supervision, e.g. with Minimax Inveron.


  • Technical defects, such as short circuits
  • Overheating of computers or other electronic devices

Fire Protection

Control stations can be integrated into an existing sprinkler system for building protection. To provide additional protection for electric and electronic devices, the risk of accidental triggering of the sprinkler systems is reduced through the use of Preaction sprinklers. 

High rack storage

Protection zone

High rack storage shelves are up to 50m high and are mostly designed for the intake of Europallets. Their capacity ranges from a few thousand to several hundred thousand pallet storage positions. On a very small surface area they offer space for extremely large quantities of goods and products. Between every two rows of storage shelves there is an alley in which rack feeders move up and down.


  • Rapid spreading of fire in a vertical direction due to stacked pallets
  • Chimney effect, i.e. flames and fire gases are drawn upward through the shafts

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems have been proven to work well in high rack storage facilities. In the conventional version, sprinklers are installed both under the ceiling and in the shelves. However, the installation of shelf sprinklers is rendered unnecessary if ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinklers, which are installed only in the ceiling, can be deployed. Fire detection systems for the early detection of fires are also used to supplement sprinkler systems in high rack storage facilities. In these cases, Minimax recommends the use of HELIOS AMX5000 aspirating smoke detectors with a vertical installation of the suction lines in the shelves and mounting the evaluation units in easily accessible locations. The advantage of such a solution over punctiform smoke detectors is, for example, that they can be serviced very easily without having to interrupt business operations.


Protection zone

Offices, conference rooms and dining rooms are generally used by staff and guests. In addition, staff members may also retire to break rooms or smoking rooms and to kitchens during work. Corridors run through the entire building, serving as a main traffic route.


  • Defective electrical devices such as projectors and computers
  • Overheating of the lighting
  • Short circuits at vending machines

Fire Protection

Minifog EconAqua water mist extinguishing systems offer space- and water-saving protection and can be connected to an existing sprinkler system. In areas with higher ceilings, sprinkler systems provide reliable fire protection. 

Production and assembly halls

Protection zone

Production and assembly halls are typically extensive multi-story buildings that offer the necessary space for machinery and systems. Such halls are often not structurally subdivided, and the individual areas are interconnected by fully-automated conveyor systems.


  • Technical defects, such as short circuits at production facilities
  • Highly flammable materials
  • Rapid spreading of fire due to open spaces and interconnecting conveyor systems

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems are often the ideal solution for production and assembly areas. Their basic concept of selective extinguishing satisfies the applicable requirements. In case of activation, the water is not dispersed throughout the entire production and assembly hall.

Refrigerated storage

Protection zone

Refrigerated storage is widespread especially in the food industry and in the related, downstream commercial operations. The goods and products are stored for purpose at temperatures of up to -40 °C. The necessary heat insulation often consists of non-flammable or flammable insulation materials with varying fire performance, often in the form of sandwich elements. Rack storage is predominant in refrigerated storage facilities


  • Dry air promotes the rapid spread of fire
  • Additional fire loads when using flammable insulation material
  • Extinguishing water without antifreeze additives will freeze over very quickly.

Fire Protection

Oxeo Prevent fire prevention systems are the ideal solution for refrigerated storage facilities, since the conditions for their use — no permanent presence of people in the storage facility, a well-sealed building shell and very low infiltration of fresh air caused by bringing in and removing goods — are also required to maintain the desired temperature level. Moreover, they offer perfect protection for the storage of foodstuff that is sensitive to smoke and temperatures. Oxeo Prevent fire prevention systems are mostly used in combination with HELIOS AMX5000 aspirating smoke detectors with a highly sensitive setting to ensure earliest fire detection. Heated aspirating outlets ensure their proper operation in refrigerated areas. Though Oxeo Prevent can only prevent a smoldering fire from turning into an open fire, the fire and the cause of fire would remain permanently undetected in the absence of an earliest fire detection system. Alternatively, sprinkler systems can be installed in such conditions — here ideally fitted with ESFR sprinklers. If there is a sufficiently spaced, frost-free intermediate area above the ceiling available, we recommend pendent Viking ESFR dry sprinklers. Combined with a Minimax PipeGuard Antifreeze system, sprinkler systems can be used in refrigerated storage facilities at a temperature of up to -40 °C.

Server rooms

Protection zone

Server rooms are important, sensitive areas. In these rooms, data of high importance for business operations is stored, managed and exchanged over the network. The irretrievable loss of this data through a fire may have considerable economic consequences for productivity or even the future of a company.


  • Overheating of technical equipment
  • Defects such as short circuits
  • Considerable damage even in the case of small fires

Fire Protection

For small and medium-sized server rooms, the MX 1230 extinguishing system is the ideal solution. It gives residue-free extinguishing using the innovative Novec™ 1230 extinguishing agents and requires very little space. Oxeo inert gas extinguishing systems are ideal for large server rooms. The MX 1230 extinguishing system and Oxeo inert gas extinguishing systems are triggered, and fires are detected, by a fire detection system using a HELIOS AMX5000 smoke aspirating system.


Protection zone

Transformers make sure that electricity is ready for network distribution. They function as links between the turbine, the turbine generators and the network. They consist typically of the transformer housing with a cooler, oil conservators and oil-filled insulators.


  • Short circuits within the transformers
  • Overheating
  • Leaking oil

Fire Protection

As soon as overheating is detected, the transformer is automatically shut down to prevent a fire from breaking out. The basis for the fire protection is a Buchholz relay. This relay ensures prompt identification of cooling required for components at risk of overheating. The TrafoProtect solution developed by Minimax based on the latest research results, protection aims and testing schemes completes the concept. The special UL-approved nozzles, Viking Model A and Model C-1, achieve an even and consistent distribution of water when activated. In doing so, the system successfully meets the protection aims of "control" and "suppression". At the same time, the consumption of water can be reduced to a level significantly below that of conventional deluge systems. A fire detection system will trigger the extinguishing system.


With the Clunid FMZ6000 the flexible configuration allows complex tasks to be solved and extensions and modifications to use easily implemented. The Clunid FMZ6000 fire detection and extinguishing control panel is acknowledged by FM Global.

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