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What is the purpose of a fire detection and suppression control panel?

In fire detection and extinguishing control panels, the information from all fire detection and monitoring elements comes together. They receive events, evaluate them and automatically manage the necessary actions in a targeted manner: from alerting, managing and testing extinguishing systems to the situational control of building services depending on the course of the fire. Fire detection and extinguishing control panels thus form the heart of fire protection.

However, there are often restrictions in the operation and use of fire detection control panels. On the one hand older systems especially often no longer meet today’s technical requirements. On the other hand the operation of a fire detection and extinguishing control panel requires particular skills. In stressful situations even experienced people can quickly make errors in interpretation and operation, with serious consequences. Minimax has the appropriate solution: Clunid FMZ6000.

High levels of operating safety

  • The pro­cessors in all func­tion mod­ules and zone op­er­at­ing pan­els are al­ways im­ple­men­ted re­dund­antly.

  • Auto­matic plaus­ib­il­ity checks pre­vent user er­rors right from con­fig­ur­a­tion up to the up­load.

  • Up­dates and para­met­er­iz­a­tions take place dur­ing op­er­a­tion, thus re­du­cing risky shut­downs

Simple to use

  • In­tu­it­ive and mod­ern user guid­ance via touch dis­play

  • Con­sist­ently self ex­plan­at­ory icons with bind­ing op­er­at­ing in­struc­tions pre­vent er­rors

  • Flat menu struc­tures allow dir­ect and rapid nav­ig­a­tion for all events

Cross-generational networking

  • Cross-generational integration of existing systems and those of the latest generation

  • Cross-network access to all control panels thanks to location-independent operation and visualization

  • Modernization of control panels can be customized and scaled according to economic possibilities

Limitless application possibilities

  • Con­trol of com­plex mul­ti-zone ex­tin­guish­ing sys­tems via mod­u­lar sys­tem tech­no­logy

  • New com­mu­nic­a­tion pro­to­cols allow wide se­lec­tion of de­tect­ors and ac­tu­at­ors

  • In­ter­na­tional hard and soft­ware re­quire­ments are in­teg­rated and cer­ti­fied

High levels of operating safety

The new and up to date control panel technology has a powerful performance with generously sized event and history memory. The system stands for the highest level of availability. In the Clunid FMZ6000, besides the redundancy (required as standard) of the central signal processing unit, the processors on all functional modules and zone control boards are also implemented redundantly. This makes breakdowns and downtimes a thing of the past  without having to build in components twice and unnecessarily waste space. Even when replacing individual function modules, operation can continue without a break thanks to hot plug integrationStill not enough though. The newly integrated LogicManager prevents errors by plausibility checks right from configuration and thus increases the dependability of the total system.

Various areas of application

The Clunid FMZ6000 meets the requirements for different applications. It is used among other things:

Simple handling of the fire alarm panel

Users appreciate the operation via the full color 7" touch display. User navigation is intuitive thanks to the tile design, functional conditions being visualized via the display color and messages being displayed in clear text. Additional functions can be easily managed by programmable area control panels. Even the legally required documentation becomes simpler. The LogicManager configuration software automatically generates general system documentation. So when making changes to configuration and use, documentation becomes child’s play. Furthermore, functional tests for refurbishment or maintenance measures are userguided and securely saved.

Modular design of the Clunid FMZ6000

As standard the Clunid FMZ6000 is fitted with a 7" touch display including group displays, a central and redundant signal processing unit, power supply unit and battery supply. It is prepared for up to 80 function modules and 27 zone control panels

  • Signal processing unit: The control panel technology is characterized by rapid responses and powerful performance. The signal processing unit is fitted with redundant processors and thus reduces the probability of failure to a minimum.
  • Function modules: Depending on requirements, additional function modules are available from input modules such as conventional detector or loop AP via output modules such as control groups or relays up to communication modules such as fire brigade periphery or networking. A suitable module is available for every application.
  • Power supply unit: The Clunid FMZ6000 can be used worldwide. The power supply units used come with extended voltage range input and cover various supply voltages. The voltage output and control group modules are provided with electronic fuses and are thus UL and FM-conformant.
  • DC/DC converter: A DC/DC converter can be optionally integrated which stabilizes the output voltage from the control groups and thus provides for a constant output voltage even in battery operation or during temperature fluctuations. This is often necessary for standard components such as horns or solenoid valves without adequate extended voltage range input.
  • Housing sizes: All components can be fitted in the four standard housing sizes D04, D14, D21 and D40. These can be individually extended and offer sufficient scope for a configuration that meets your needs.

Cross-generational networking

Clunid Connect enables the cross-generational networking of Minimax fire detection and suppression control panel system technologies. Via a hardware and software interface, existing systems can be easily networked and, if necessary, extended. Location-independent, centralized, cross-network control allows all fire alarm control panels in the system to be conveniently and easily operated.

Step by step:
Flexible and adaptable to customer requirements and economic circumstances, Clunid Connect enables easy integration of existing networks into the Clunid system technology and thus allows for a gradual modernization of fire detection and suppression control panels.

Easy, intuitive, and centralized:
Clunid Operator enables cross-network control, allowing for easy and convenient operation of FMZ 5000 and FMZ6000 control panels from a central point. It is no longer necessary to install a separate control panel that only serves as a repeater panel. The UCC user interface is inspired by the look and feel of Clunid FMZ6000 and requires no major transition on the part of the customer. Operation therefore remains clear, intuitive, easy, and becomes centralized.

Future proof:
Clunid Operator enables the modernization and conversion of fire alarm control panels to the FMZ6000, thus providing the foundation for improved support via WebAccess in the future. Driven by constant technological progress, which makes continuous modernization and extension in building and safety technology an absolute necessity, the latest generation of control panels offers the ideal preparation for the future.

Clunid Gateway and Clunid Operator:
As the hardware interface, Clunid Gateway connects the various networks with one another. By means of
Clunid Operator, the interface is visualized on a separate operating panel, thus enabling location-independent,
centralized control and operation

Power supply unit
Zone control panels
Direct-current converter DC/DC
Back-up batteries
Functional modules
Main power supply input
Modular construction of the fire alarm system
  1. Power supply unit
    1 Power supply unit

    Betrouwbare voedingseenheid

  2. Zone control panels
    2 Zone control panels

  3. Direct-current converter DC/DC
    3 Direct-current converter DC/DC

  4. Back-up batteries
    4 Back-up batteries

  5. Functional modules
    5 Functional modules

  6. Main power supply input
    6 Main power supply input

Fire alarm control panel with unlimited application possibilities

The integrated and standardized control functions of the Clunid FMZ6000 also allow a situational and complex management of the operating equipment. This has given rise to a fire detection and extinguishing control panel which can manage an entire fire incident matrix of an active principle test across disciplines. There is no limit placed on these complex requirements thanks to the powerful network technology. Furthermore, system planning is more flexible and economic with the Clunid FMZ6000. New communication protocols make a wide selection of detectors and actuators available for worldwide use.

All detector protocols are downwards compatible for addressable loop participants.

The sophisticated module concept offers a series of additional benefits for project planning and service. All modules have the same size and can be used regardless of module type on any slot in the control panel. This allows space in the control panel housing to be used flexibly and optimally right down to the last slot. When a module is incorporated, addressing is automatic, so that the control panel is immediately ready for operation. This reduces project planning times, because manual hardware and software assignment is not applicable. International hardware and software requirements are already integrated and certified. There is nothing to stop the Clunid FMZ6000 from being used worldwide.

Module concept

The fire alarm panel can be extended by various modules

The sophisticated module concept offers a series of additional benefits for project planning and service. All modules have the same size and can be used regardless of module type on any slot in the control panel. This allows space in the control panel housing to be used flexibly and optimally right down to the last slot.

When a module is incorporated, addressing is automatic, so that the control panel is immediately ready for operation. This reduces project planning times, because manual hardware and software assignment is not applicable. 

LogicManager configuration software

Simple configuration with the LogicManager

LogicManager is the configuration software for the Clunid FMZ6000. This is constructed on the component concept and consistently separates logic and hardware. For example it is possible to change between loop and limit value functions at any time without having to restart the configuration This offers flexibility and reduces project overhead. Moreover LogicManager has a fully implemented redo and undo design and numerous logic modules with extra features.

Service Assistant

To assist with maintenance work on site, fitters and technicians can use ServiceAssistant to read off the actual status of the control panel and event and history messages at any time during operation. Information and images can be easily stored and called up later during follow-up work. Furthermore various parameters can be directly adjusted to the installation conditions on site.

Documentation of activity for commissioning, maintenance, inspection or troubleshooting also takes place in ServiceAssistant. A sophisticated role design grants different authorizations depending on the level of skills and experience.

The ServiceBox is connected to the control panel via a USB interface. Using a WLAN connection the technician can carry out both an upload and download of the LogicManager configuration and service work via the ServiceBox. Consequently a system update of all control panel components can still only take place via an interface, so that this process does not require any special skills and tools. The licensing design ensures that only authorized persons can work on the control panel.



Protection zone

Archives house documents and information in the form of paper files or data carriers. Shelving bays or mobile storage racks make for transparent storage and as needed for quick access to specific information. The ceiling height is typically used to the limit.


  • Technical defects in devices such as the motors of electric mobile storage racks
  • Overheating of ceiling lighting
  • Highly flammable materials

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems installed for the overall protection of the building typically provide the necessary safety in archives. The use of Preaction sprinklers prevents an unintentional triggering of the extinguishing system caused by accidental damage to a sprinkler. Oxeo inert gas extinguishing systems completely exclude water damage to archived materials. They are also an optimal solution if the distance between the upper edge of the shelves and the ceiling is too narrow for sprinklers. Oxeo extinguishing systems are triggered by a fire detection system using HELIOS AMX5000 aspirating smoke detectors.

Control stations
Control stations

Protection zone

Control stations are the focal point to ensure permanent safety checks. These control stations are often located in small to medium-sized rooms equipped with monitors and other technical equipment for visual supervision, e.g. with Minimax Inveron.


  • Technical defects, such as short circuits
  • Overheating of computers or other electronic devices

Fire Protection

Control stations can be integrated into an existing sprinkler system for building protection. To provide additional protection for electric and electronic devices, the risk of accidental triggering of the sprinkler systems is reduced through the use of Preaction sprinklers. 

High rack storage
High rack storage

Protection zone

High rack storage shelves are up to 50m high and are mostly designed for the intake of Europallets. Their capacity ranges from a few thousand to several hundred thousand pallet storage positions. On a very small surface area they offer space for extremely large quantities of goods and products. Between every two rows of storage shelves there is an alley in which rack feeders move up and down.


  • Rapid spreading of fire in a vertical direction due to stacked pallets
  • Chimney effect, i.e. flames and fire gases are drawn upward through the shafts

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems have been proven to work well in high rack storage facilities. In the conventional version, sprinklers are installed both under the ceiling and in the shelves. However, the installation of shelf sprinklers is rendered unnecessary if ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinklers, which are installed only in the ceiling, can be deployed. Fire detection systems for the early detection of fires are also used to supplement sprinkler systems in high rack storage facilities. In these cases, Minimax recommends the use of HELIOS AMX5000 aspirating smoke detectors with a vertical installation of the suction lines in the shelves and mounting the evaluation units in easily accessible locations. The advantage of such a solution over punctiform smoke detectors is, for example, that they can be serviced very easily without having to interrupt business operations.

Production and assembly halls
Production and assembly halls

Protection zone

Production and assembly halls are typically extensive multi-story buildings that offer the necessary space for machinery and systems. Such halls are often not structurally subdivided, and the individual areas are interconnected by fully-automated conveyor systems.


  • Technical defects, such as short circuits at production facilities
  • Highly flammable materials
  • Rapid spreading of fire due to open spaces and interconnecting conveyor systems

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems are often the ideal solution for production and assembly areas. Their basic concept of selective extinguishing satisfies the applicable requirements. In case of activation, the water is not dispersed throughout the entire production and assembly hall.


The Clunid FMZ6000 fire detection and extinguishing control panel is acknowledged by VdS Schadenverhütung and certified by FM Global.

VdS - Confidence through Safety
FM Global


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