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Does this sound familiar? Despite utmost care, sometimes something just simply breaks. Unfortunately, that may sometimes have serious consequences.

If a sprinkler is damaged accidentally, for example, during works on building facilities, water may escape, causing damage to the building or equipment. Especially in water-sensitive areas or otherwise sensitive areas, this may have irritating consequences for a company, e.g. failure of the EDP system due to water damage.

To ensure that this will not happen to you, Minimax is at your service with advice and assistance, always to ensure that your sprinkler system works perfectly for your individual needs.


We developed Preaction Sprinklers specifically for water-sensitive and otherwise sensitive areas. They prevent the occurrence of sometimes grievous consequences of accidental damage. As a precaution, each Preaction Sprinkler unit consists of two sprinklers: extinguishing water is only released if both sprinklers of a unit are activated. 

If only one sprinkler of the Preaction Sprinkler unit is activated, only a visual and audible fault signal is transmitted to the monitoring control panel. You will then receive a warning that a sprinkler is damaged and can respond accordingly. 

In this way, Preaction Sprinklers provide two-fold protection: safety in case of a fire and, additionally, protection against unnecessary water damage. 

Depending on the version, Preaction Sprinklers can be installed in wet or dry pipe systems. Retrofitting into an existing sprinkler system is also possible. 

Contact us, to ensure that your water-sensitive devices don't get wet.

Scope of service

  • Decommissioning and draining of the relevant sprinkler group
  • Dismantling of the existing sprinklers
  • Installation of the Preaction Sprinkler and of the monitoring control panel including necessary cabling work
  • Connection to an existing fire detection control panel (optional)
  • Amendment of the existing documentation and installation papers
  • Filling and re-commissioning of the sprinkler group, functional testing and briefing