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Minifog ProCon XP High Pressure Water Mist System

Minifog ProCon XP high pressure water mist systems offer excellent fire protection along with a minimum consumption of extinguishing water, e.g. for systems in confined spaces. Minifog ProCon XP uses approx. 95 percent less extinguishing water compared to conventional spray water extinguishing systems. This extremely low consumption of extinguishing water reduces the risk of water damage and thermal distortion of hot machine parts to a minimum. The water supply unit can be designed in a more compact format. This saves space, on-site costs and makes retrofitting easier.

Advantages at a glance

  • Minifog ProCon XP protects engines, turbines and other equipment
  • Substantial investments are protected and long and costly downtimes can be prevented
  • The use of water means that no specific health and safety measures are required to protect people against the extinguishant
  • Compared to classic water spray systems, Minifog ProCon XP reduces water consumption by up to 95%
  • Minifog ProCon XP offers protection of large spaces with a dimension of up to 2,430m³ and a height of up to 13.5m
  • The Minifog ProCon XP system can be designed as a multi-zone system even when the water is supplied via cylinder battery
  • Enhanced protection against reignition: The ConstantFlow technology keeps the system pressure constant throughout the entire operating time even if the water is supplied via cylinder battery
  • The use of the well-proven Minimax fire detection and control technology ensures optimum compatibility of electrical and mechanical system components

Design and installation

As one of the world's leading full-service providers in the field of fire protection, Minimax not only develops, produces and supplies the full range of technology components - from detectors to nozzles - for the Minifog ProCon XP high pressure water mist system, but also handles the entire project management, including planning, installation and commissioning as well as postsales service, to ensure optimal and consistent fire protection from a single source.

Construction of a high pressure water mist extinguishing system

In regards to structure and function, the Minifog ProCon XP system resembles a classic water spray extinguishing system. The system is made up of one or more zones with corresponding zone subdivisions, a water supply unit and a fire detection and control system.

Optical alarm
Manual call point
Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
ProCon XP nozzle
Fire detector
Water supply unit
Acoustic alarm
Engine test bed
Selector valves
Construction of Minifog ProCon XP
  1. Optical alarm
  2. Manual call point
  3. Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
  4. ProCon XP nozzle
  5. Fire detector
  6. Water supply unit
  7. Acoustic alarm
  8. Engine test bed
  9. Selector valves

Function of the high pressure water mist extinguishing system

Fire detection and extinguishing control technology

Ideally, the extinguishing zones are monitored by fast and reliable UniVario flame detectors, which transmit a signal to the FMZ6000 fire detection and extinguishing control panel in the event of fire. Additionally, the extinguishing zones are equipped with electrical push-button detectors for manual activation of the Minifog ProCon XP system. In the event of fire, the fire detection and extinguishing control panel activates the water supply unit and, in multi-zone systems, the corresponding selector valve. At the same time, it triggers an acoustic and optical alarm and transmits a signal to a permanently manned post.

Water supply

Usually, water is supplied via a pump unit. The pump unit consists primarily of a break pump, a high-pressure pump and a pump control cabinet. Automatic refilling of water into the break tank ensures unlimited operability.

With regards to single-zone systems, the highpressure pump is activated by a signal from the fire detection and control panel. In multi-zone systems the pipe network is filled with water up to the selector valves in stand-by mode. An additional jockey pump – controlled via a pressure transmitter – maintains a constant pressure of approx. 14 bar, which drops briefly when a selector valve is opened in the event of fire. This is detected by a pressure transmitter. The high-pressure pump is then activated via the pump control cabinet.

Extinguishing zones and zone partitioning

A piping network with ProCon XP nozzles covers the protected rooms. Considering that a single nozzle can protect an area of up to 21m2 while small diameters are used, the piping network is much less complex than those of classic water spray systems. In the event of fire, water is dispersed through all ProCon XP nozzles installed in the extinguishing zone. At pressures of 40 to 90barwater is evenly distributed in very fine droplets.

To ensure the desired spray characteristics, the Minifog ProCon XP system uses corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel; furthermore all nozzles are equipped with filters, and the system uses filtered water. Minifog ProCon XP systems can be designed as a single-zone system to protect only one room or as a multi-zone system for the protection of two or more zones. Multi-zone systems are equipped with selector valves, which, in the event of a fire, are controlled by the fire detection and control panel , ensuring water is only sprayed in zones affected by the fire.


The excellent suitability of Minifog ProCon XP is proven by numerous fire and suppression tests under life-like conditions. Both VdS Schadenverhütung and FM Global have tested and certified the components, design parameters and suppression effectiveness of the system. The system approvals of VdS Schadenverhütung and FM Global include engine rooms and turbine enclosures and their auxiliaries with a volume of up to 2,430m3 and a height of up to 13.5m.

Emergency power generators
Emergency power generators

Protection zone

Emergency generators are often housed in separate premises. During a power failure, these generators secure the power supply, maintain business operation and prevent financial loss due to an operational interruption.


  • Diesel fuel, which ignites on hot surfaces
  • Leaking lubrication oil

Fire Protection

For local protection of the emergency generator, Minifog ProCon water mist extinguishing systems are ideal. These can be connected to the sprinkler systems installed for building protection purposes and fight fires quickly and effectively through open water mist nozzles. Minifog ProCon water mist extinguishing systems are triggered by a fire detection system that uses UniVario flame or heat detectors to detect fires.

Gas turbines
Gas turbines

Protection zone

The gas turbine is the heart of the gas- and steam-generating station. Its main components are housed in an acoustic enclosure for reasons of noise protection.


  • Hot surfaces on which lubricating oil can ignite
  • High fire load

Fire Protection

Carbon dioxide extinguishing system ensure quick, residue-free fire extinguishing, even in areas which are difficult to access. In large turbines low pressure CO2 extinguishing systems are frequently used, since due to the liquid storage only a small amount of space is required for a lot of extinguishing agent. Alternatively Minifog ProCon XP high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems offer reliable protection. Compared to classical water spray extinguishing systems, Minifog ProCon XP however reduces the consumption of extinguishing water by approx. 95%. This extremely low consumption of extinguishing water reduces the risk of water damage and thermal warping of hot machine parts to a minimum. A fire detection system releases the extinguishing system by means of UniVario flame- and heat detectors.

Hydraulics rooms
Hydraulics rooms

Protection zone

The necessary forces for the pressing process are generated in the hydraulics rooms. This requires hydraulic power units, which consist of hydraulic oil tanks, drive motors and pumps. Such facilities are generally located in an enclosed hydraulics chamber below the press.


  • Leakage in oil pipelines or shaft seals
  • Hot surfaces of the power units
  • Igniting oil deposits

Fire Protection

Minifog ProCon water mist extinguishing systems provide reliable fire protection for hydraulic power units. If the area contains sensitive electronic equipment, carbon dioxide extinguishing systems offer residue-free extinguishing of a fire as an alternative. Detection of fires and triggering of Minifog ProCon water mist extinguishing systems and carbon dioxide extinguishing systems is via a fire detection system equipped with UniVario flame and heat detectors.

Machine tool
Machine tool

Protection zone

Machine tools are used for different stages of processing such as drilling, turning, grinding or milling. These are often enclosed machine tools that consist of a work area, transport area and exhaust system. Depending on the material, two processing methods are differentiated: wet processing with the use of cooling lubricants containing oil and dry processing for working workpieces made of light metals.


  • Unintentional build-up of heat
  • Easily ignited coolants and lubricants
  • Potentially explosive atmospheres at certain dust concentration levels
  • Metal fire during dry working

Fire Protection

Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems are suitable for wet working. The extinguishing nozzles may for enclosed machine tools be installed directly within the housing so that a fire can be extinguished precisely and without leaving a residue. An alternative to this is offered by the water-saving Minifog ProCon XP water mist extinguishing system. The use of Oxeo extinguishing systems with argon extinguishing agent is the right choice for the dry working of light metals. With the extremely inert noble gas argon, interaction with burning metal is excluded. The release of the extinguishing systems is via a fire detection system, in addition to which the fire detection control panel can send signals to control the equipment.


Protection zone

Transformers make sure that electricity is ready for network distribution. They function as links between the turbine, the turbine generators and the network. They consist typically of the transformer housing with a cooler, oil conservators and oil-filled insulators.


  • Short circuits within the transformers
  • Overheating
  • Leaking oil

Fire Protection

As soon as overheating is detected, the transformer is automatically shut down to prevent a fire from breaking out. The basis for the fire protection is a Buchholz relay. This relay ensures prompt identification of cooling required for components at risk of overheating. The TrafoProtect solution developed by Minimax based on the latest research results, protection aims and testing schemes completes the concept. The special UL-approved nozzles, Viking Model A and Model C-1, achieve an even and consistent distribution of water when activated. In doing so, the system successfully meets the protection aims of "control" and "suppression". At the same time, the consumption of water can be reduced to a level significantly below that of conventional deluge systems. A fire detection system will trigger the extinguishing system.


Minifog ProCon XP high pressure water mist system
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