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What is the key to TurbineProtect's reliability?

Industrial gas turbines, which are used in the oil and gas industry, for example, drive generators for power generation or compressors (mechanical drives) for gas compression or gas liquefaction. The operating temperature inside turbine acoustic enclosures can reach up to 120°C and the surface temperature of the turbine itself up to 800 °C. Oils leaking from the leaks in oil pipelines can easily get ignited on these hot surfaces. Once lit, a fire can quickly spread to other areas due to the high air flow rate actually used for cooling. Long downtimes and higher costs are often the result. TurbineProtect combines state-of-the-art fire detection technology as well as fire alarm and extinguishing system control with effective, approved fire protection technologies. Thanks to its flexible design, TurbineProtect can be individually adapted to customer requirements and offers reliable protection. 

The advantages at a glance:

Comprehensive solution:

  • Engineering, delivery and service from one source
  • Avoidance of fire spreading to adjacent areas
  • Prefabrication as container or skid solution
  • Version also for hazardous areas (Ex zones 1 and 2)

Compact application:

  • Networking of all fire protection systems at one fire detection and extinguishing control panel
  • Central and decentralized visualization of the hazard management system possible
  • Fire fighting already in the development phase

No significant consequences:

  • Minor fire and water damage
  • Short interruptions of operation
  • Long availability of plant parts and components

Flexible protection

TurbineProtect combines industrial fire detectors and fire detection systems and suppression control with various fire protection technologies such as: CO2 High and low-pressure fire extinguishing systems, Oxeo inert gas fire extinguishing systems (with argon or nitrogen), Minifog ProCon XP high-pressure water mist suppression systems. This enables a reliable integrated fire protection solution that can be individually customised to the requirements on site. Other solutions according to customer requirements are also possible.

Extinguishing agent pilot cylinders
Pressure relief flaps
Time delay unit / blocking valve / pressure switch
Fire detectors
Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
Status display
TurbineProtect nozzles
Manual release
Alarm horns and flashing lights
Extinguishing agent cylinders
Construction of the Gas turbine: TurbineProtect
  1. Extinguishing agent pilot cylinders
  2. Pressure relief flaps
  3. Time delay unit / blocking valve / pressure switch
  4. Fire detectors
  5. Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
  6. Status display
  7. TurbineProtect nozzles
  8. Manual release
  9. Alarm horns and flashing lights
  10. Extinguishing agent cylinders

What is the technology? 

TurbineProtect uses UniVario-type detectors. UniVario industrial fire detectors are intelligent, platform-based, microprocessor-controlled fire detectors with a robust housing and assembly technology for even the harshest operating conditions. Thanks to the modular concept and use of the latest signal processing technology, these devices meet individual specifications in an unusually wide range of applications. Thus they function both indoors and outdoors, in immediate proximity to the equipment to be protected or from longer distances, in sterile clean areas as well as under extremely contaminated processing conditions. Variables detected by detectors are processed by fire detection and extinguishing control panels. They are then activating alarm equipment and send alarm messages to permanently manned stations and the fire brigade. They continuously monitor the function of fire extinguishing systems and trigger them electrically in case of fire. Furthermore, they communicate with hazard management systems or via web interfaces with internet-enabled devices. Due to availability of different models and sizes, it possible to select appropriate fire detection and extinguishing control panel, from compact small to demanding large.

Risk management system

Picture of Risk management system

The Inveron risk management system summarizes information in visual form from various systems on one interface. Responsible people can thus, especially in the case of extensive and complex production or building structures, quickly view all relevant data of fire alarm and extinguishing systems as well as other hazard detection systems at a glance. Inveron enables the operator to make the right decisions in stressful situations and ensures complete documentation of all safety-related events.

Extinguishing technology based on customer requirement

Extinguishing technology based on customer requirement

Preferably, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems or Oxeo inert-gas extinguishing systems with the inert gases nitrogen and argon are used. These ensure quick, residue-free fire extinguishing, even in areas that are difficult to access. For large turbines, low-pressure CO2 extinguishing systems can be beneficial as the entire quantity of extinguishing agent is stored in one container which means comparatively smaller area is required for storing a large quantity of extinguishing agent.

Alternatively, Minifog ProCon XP high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems offer reliable protection. As compared to conventional water spray systems, Minifog ProCon XP system manages to extinguish a fire with approximately 95% less extinguishing water. This extremely low use of extinguishing water reduces the risk of water damage and thermal warping of hot machine parts to a minimum.

Container and skid solutions

Picture of Container and skid solutions

Pre-assembled container solutions allow extinguishing systems of any size and almost anywhere to be quickly and easily upgraded or expanded. These individual extinguishing system solutions are manufactured and assembled according to standardized processes, delivered and commissioned on site. The commissioning costs remain within a manageable range due to the high degree of preassembled parts. This saves time and therefore money.


TurbineProtect represents a holistic fire protection solution and is used primarily for the protection of industrial gas turbines.

Gas turbines
Gas turbines

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Steam turbines
Steam turbines

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Fire Protection


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