Experts in fire protection


Automatic detectors and other components of fire alarm systems are highly sensitive and technologically demanding products. They age, depending on their conditions of use, at different speeds. 

How long the sensitive fire alarms work perfectly varies significantly. The more they are subjected to, e.g. dirt, chemical fumes, variations in temperature or humidity, the more likely it is that the detectors will lose their functionality. 

If the detectors are no longer able to detect a possible fire and continue to log the appropriate signals to the fire alarm control panel, then the fire brigade is not alerted. If activation of an extinguishing system is also provided, this will not work. In the event of fire, both of these can have devastating consequences.

Don’t let it get that far!


After 10 years, at the latest, automatic fire detectors should be replaced. As environmental influences can shorten this period, you should subject all automatic detectors to an age test at regular intervals. We recommend a test cycle of 2 years depending on the ambient conditions. 

If in the process a defect is found on the detectors, or individual components of the fire alarm system are outdated or defective, the entire detectors as well as individual components can be replaced easily and quickly after consultation. This way the fire alarm system is ready for operation and operationally safe at all times.

Keep your fire alarm system up to the state of the art and avoid problems as a result of alarm failure or failure of an extinguishing system to react in the event of fire.

Scope of service in detail

  • Decommissioning of the fire detection system
  • Testing of the automatic detectors as necessary
  • Replacement of the old or defective detectors or other components
  • Adaptating new detectors or new components to local conditions and connecting them to the existing system
  • Amending of the existing documentation and installation papers, if necessary
  • Recommissioning of the fire detection system, function testing and briefing