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It's the same story every year ... The necessary maintenance of the valve stations is due. Valve stations must be opened and inspected to ensure proper function. This is where slides come in handy!

This maintenance work is required under VdS CEA 4001. Dry systems require this bi-annual maintenance; for wet systems the procedure is sufficient once a year. It involves draining the entire pipe network of the sprinkler system and refilling it after maintenance. The sprinkler system is out of operation for the duration of the maintenance.

A refilling of the sprinkler system with fresh water or compressed air means re-entry of oxygen.. This increases the risk of corrosion. The substantial consumption of drinking water also pollutes the environment and costs money.

If supplements were mixed in with the extinguishing water to prolongate corrosion or the formation of organic debris (so-called inhibitors), these of course also need to be replaced.


Many of the above mentioned problemscan be avoided by retrofitting inspection slides above each individual valve station.

If your sprinkler system is already equipped with electric monitoring, additional limit switches can monitor the position of the new shut-off valve.

How maintenance works thanks to the inspection slides: the installed inspection sliders must be closed before the valve stations are opened. The valve stations can now be serviced without draining the pipe network. Disruption of operations is substantially reduced and operational safety is increased. The corrosion risk decreases and inhibitors need not be renewed.

This resolves many problems.

Scope of service

  • Decommissioning and draining of the relevant sprinkler group
  • Retrofitting of inspection slides above the valve stations
  • If necessary, installation of limit switches for integration in the electrical monitoring
  • Adaptating of the pipe network
  • Amendmding of the existing documentation and installation papers
  • Refill and recommissioning of the sprinkler groups