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Has inspection of your sprinkler system’s flow switches ever completely interfered with operations for a longer period of time?

One of your tasks as an operator is to regularly carry out a review of the functioning of individual system components. This also includes the flow detector test run to be carried out every three months.

At least two people are necessary to manually check water flow detectors. The sprinkler system must be taken out of operation and a test valve operated manually. This water must flow as long as it takes for the water flow detector to be tested to respond. This approach however, is associated with considerable expenditure of time and water and is often poorly worked into internal processes.

The solution for simplifying the flow detector test is at hand thanks to Zonecheck.


Zone check is a fitting for quickly and easily testing flow alarms. It connects the water flow detectors and automatic test equipment to a unit. 

By pressing a key switch the function test can be performed within two minutes by just one person. Using the Zonecheck control panel even more water flow detectors can be controlled and tested from a central point at the same time. 

Since Zonecheck works with a closed water circuit, the sprinkler system to be tested does not need to be switched off. In addition the tendency to corrosion is reduced because the test run requires no oxygen-rich fresh water input.

So why make life unnecessarily complicated? Previously time-consuming flow detector tests can be performed significantly more easily with Zonecheck - and in the process you will save a lot of time.

Scope of service

  • Decommissioning and draining of the relevant sprinkler group
  • If necessary dismantling of the existing flow detector
  • Installation of the zone check valve
  • Installation of a key switch or control panel
  • Amendment of the existing documentation and installation papers
  • Filling and recommissioning of the sprinkler group, functional testing and briefing