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Fire damage to wood processing machines

In wood processing plants, essential work processes such as sawing, planing or sanding of wood or wood-based materials are performed by automated processing machines. These machines are equipped with exhaust devices and connected to dust extraction systems. This means that fires can spread quickly to other production areas. Extended operational disruptions and high costs are often the result. From the perspective of an operator, a solution which detects fires quickly and fights them targeted on the wood processing machine and related exhaust devices is required. In addition, a protection concept which allows for coordinated fire protection for interlinking production areas would be desirable. Minimax has the right solution: WoodTechProtect

Advantages at a glance 

  • Holistic solution across all processes and for all areas by a single provider 
  • A comprehensive solution prevents fire from spreading to adjacent areas 
  • All fire protections systems are integrated into one network through a common fire detection and extinguishing control panel 
  • Firefighting in the early stages of an emerging fire enables minor fire and water damage and brief business interruptions 
  • Low costs for water supply and pipe network installation 
  • Ideal for retrofitting


Fire protection for wood processing machines is provided by Minifog ProCon water mist systems, while exhaust devices are best protected by spark extinguishing systems. Joint water supply and joint fire detection and extinguishing control panel can be provided for both systems. 

Automatic extinguishing unit for spark extinguishing
Storage tank
Jockey pump
ProCon impulse nozzles
Pump control cabinet
Town water connection
Fire detectors
Pressure accumulator
Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
Main pump
Deluge valve set
Automatic water make-up
  1. Automatic extinguishing unit for spark extinguishing
  2. Storage tank
  3. Jockey pump
  4. ProCon impulse nozzles
  5. Pump control cabinet
  6. Town water connection
  7. Fire detectors
  8. Pressure accumulator
  9. Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
  10. Main pump
  11. Deluge valve set
  12. Automatic water make-up

Fire detection and extinguishing control

WoodTechProtect combines fire detection, water mist and spark extinguishing technology to form a holistic solution. This combination provides fire protection which is tailored individually to the requirements of the various protection zones. The FMZ 5000 fire detection and extinguishing control panel is responsible for controlling the fire event. If flame detectors of the Minifog ProCon water mist system or spark detectors of the spark extinguishing system detect a fire, they transmit a signal to the fire detection control panel. It activates the affected extinguishing zone and triggers the extinguishing action; and simultanously releases an acoustic and optical alarm. In addition, potential free contacts are available at the fire detection and extinguishing control panel to switch off the machine controls in the event of a fault or fire.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems for production halls

Sprinkler Systems provide a dependable basic protection for production halls where the wood processing machines have been set up. To protect the actual wood processing machines against fire, Minifog ProCon water mist systems offer a particularly efficient fire extinguishing technology. Minifog ProCon extinguishing nozzles serve to finely spray the extinguishing water. Accordingly, systems can be designed with a smaller scale water supply and pipework. This does not only save costs, but also space - a significant advantage in particular for retrofitting. 

Spark extinguishing Systems

Picture of an Spark extinguishing System

In exhaust- and conveyor systems, spark extinguishing systems detect ignition sources and instantly generate a water curtain by means of an extinguishing unit to extinguish sparks or glowing particles. They are always an ideal solution when there is a high risk that sparks or glowing embers will be transported unnoticed to other areas and cause a fire there.


Picture of UniVario flame detectors and spark detectors

UniVario flame detectors and spark detectors are used in the protection zones. Both types of detectors allow for the early detection of fires and hence for a fast response. All signals converge in the fire detection and extinguishing control panel, which warns people at risk and the fire department plus dependable provides all relevant information to the competent bodies. In addition, the fire detection control panel electrically triggers the Minifog ProCon and spark suppression systems. Furthermore, it can operate other fire protection systems in the vicinity of the wood processing machines and monitor their functioning.


WoodTechProtect is primarily used in fire protection for woodworking machines. 


Protection zone


Fire Protection

Wood processing machine
Wood processing machine

Protection zone


Fire Protection


WoodTechProtect - Fire protection for wood processing machines
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