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Printing businesses, where all business processes are designed to provide customers with a dependable supply at all times, cannot afford to compromise when it comes to fire protection. Whether offset printing machines, letter presses, gravure printing presses, silk screen printing machines – if the first signs of combustion in the production process are not detected as soon as they develop devastating fires may result. Cover can be taken out to insure against interruptions to operations but there is no replacement for loss of customers and market share. The protection of people and equipment therefore requires the use of special fire protection systems that are precisely tailored to the particular process technology.

Flames, smoke, gas emissions, heat – fire has many facets. Minimax has the right fire detectors for the various areas within a paper processing and printing plant. Their signals converge in the fire detection and extinguishing control panel, which issues an alarm to the people at risk and the fire brigade. In addition, the Minimax panel monitors the installed fire protection system for proper functioning and electrically triggers the extinguishing systems that are not equipped with their own triggering elements, e.g. sprinkler systems.

A sprinkler system ensures overall building protection. Minimax offers a broad range of sprinkler types and special sprinklers that allow for ideal adaptation of the sprinkler system to the respective installation situation in the various protected areas.

The center of the fire protection concept for printing machines is a rapid reaction fire extinguishing system which can independently identify acute fire risks and which uses argon or carbon dioxide to fight a developing fire. While carrying out the extinguishing process, the system also initiates important control impulses, e.g. to interrupt the supply of ink or material, stop the machinery, switch off drying facilities and to activate the alarm organization.

Structural fire protection, as well as technical systems by Minimax Mobile Services, such as fire extinguishers, wall hydrants and smoke and heat extraction systems, complete fire protection in paper processing and print plants.


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