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It's the same story every year... The cold winter temperatures subject the dry pipe system of your sprinkler system to a hard test.

Dry pipe systems serve to prevent freezing of the sprinkler system in frost hazard areas. However, depending on the system, air saturated with water may be introduced into the dry pipe system. If high temperature fluctuations occur during winter time, this leads to the formation of condensation in the pipe network. This condensate must be drained regularly before and during each winter to prevent freezing in frost areas. To do so, it is often necessary to shut down the sprinkler system and to drain the condensate via the drain valve at the lowest points of the dry pipe system.

If the water nevertheless freezes within the pipe network, this may damage the drain valve. At worst, the valve may burst, pressurized air may escape and the sprinkler system may trigger accidentally.

Even if you drain the system regularly, there always remains a residual risk of this type of discharge.


The installation of a drainage unit can help. It consists of a discharge container which is mounted on a pipe at the lowest points of the dry pipe system. 

Each drainage unit is equipped with two valves, controlling the level. The valve between discharge container and dry pipe network remains open during normal operation so that the condensation accumulates in the tank. To drain, this valve is closed and another valve on the riser pipe of the drainage unit is opened. The air pushes the collected condensation out of the drain tank through the standpipe. 

The use of the drainage unit protects the dry pipe system of your sprinkler system against damage in freezing temperatures. The emptying process saves you time, since no shutdown of the sprinkler system is necessary.

Scope of service

  • Decommissioning and draining condensate from the relevant sprinkler group
  • Dismantling of the existing drain valve
  • Amendment of the existing documentation and installation papers
  • Recommissioning of the relevant sprinkler group, function testing and briefing