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Fire damage to dryers

A fire may have several causes. The materials and build-ups in a dryer can quickly be ignited by overheating, friction or machine break. Sparks or glowing embers from upstream production areas can end up in the dryer via the material feed point and act as the source of a fire there. Operators therefore need a solution which detects fires quickly and fights them specically on the dryer and related extraction devices. In addition, a protection concept which allows for coordinated fire protection for interlinking production areas would be desirable. Minimax has the right solution: DryerProtect

Advantages at a glance 

  • Holistic solution across all processes and for all areas by a single provider 
  • A comprehensive solution prevents fire from spreading to adjacent areas 
  • All fire protections systems are integrated into one network through a common fire detection and extinguishing control panel 
  • Firefighting in the early stages of an emerging fire enables minor fire and water damage and brief business interruptions 
  • Low costs for water supply and pipe network installation 
  • Ideal for retrofitting


DryerProtect combines fire detection, water mist and spark extinguishing technology
to form a holistic solution. This combination provides fire protection which is tailored individually to the requirements of the various protection zones.

Funkenmelder YMX5000
Flammenmelder FMX5000 IR
Hupen- Blitzkombination
Selbstschließende Löschdüse
Minifog impulse nozzles
  1. Funkenmelder YMX5000
  2. Flammenmelder FMX5000 IR
  3. Ventileinheit
  4. Handauslösung
  5. Hupen- Blitzkombination
  6. Selbstschließende Löschdüse
  7. Minifog impulse nozzles


To protect the actual dryers against fire, Minifog ProCon water mist systems offer a particularly efficient fire extinguishing technology. Minifog ProCon extinguishing nozzles serve to finely spray the extinguishing water. This means that Minifog ProCon systems, compared with conventional deluge systems, consume up to 70 percent less water. In exhaust and conveyor systems, spark extinguishing systems detect ignition sources and instantly generate a water curtain by means of an extinguishing unit to extinguish sparks or glowing particles. UniVario flame detectors and spark detectors are used in the protection zones. Both types of detectors allow for the early detection of fires and hence for a fast response. In addition, the fire detection control panel electrically triggers the Minifog ProCon and spark extinguishing systems.

Minifog ProCon

Fire detection and extinguishing with Minifog ProCon

Fire detection is carried out with the aid of the Minifog ProCon fine spray extinguishing system, which is divided into one or more extinguishing areas with corresponding area subdivision, water supply and fire detection and extinguishing control technology. The dryers are now extinguished by Minifog ProCon fine spray extinguishing systems, which operate on a low-pressure basis and spray the extinguishing water particularly finely over the defined protected area. 

Spark detector

Picture of Spark detector

Sparks or glowing embers in the exhaust- and conveyor systems of a dryer must be detected and extinguished quickly. Spark extinguishing systems are the suitable choice for these requirements. Detection is provided by spark detectors of the YMX5000 series. These detectors have a detection spectrum that is tailored specically for the detection of sparks or hot parts.If an YMX5000 spark detector detects sparks or glowing embers, the spark detector will activate a high-speed solenoid valve within milliseconds via the re detection control panel and will release extinguishing water through the at spray nozzles.

FMZ 6000

FMZ 6000 detection and extinguishing control panel

The Clunid FMZ6000 is a modular fire detection and extinguishing control panel, precisely tuned and assembled to the particular customer requirements. High levels of operating safety and simple operation characterize the unique properties of the Clunid panel generation. The application possibilities are almost infinite. From the standardized and standardconformant control of complex multi-zone extinguishing systems to the freely programmable situational fire control system, anything is possible. With this the Clunid FMZ6000 offers a technology with a high degree of flexibility which is ahead of its time.


DryerProtect enables reliable fire protection in the production hall where the dryers are installed.


The ef­fect­ive­ness of DryerProtect has been ex­tens­ively tested and ap­proved by VdS.

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DryerProtect - Fire protection for industrial dryer
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