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Reducing costs while protecting the environment

-This offering is currently only available for the German market-

The specialists at Minimax have always ensured the reliable functionality of hundreds of gas-based extinguishing systems.

What is new, however, is that old containers can now be exchanged with reusable containers. There is no difference in quality between new and reusable containers.By contrast, the economic and ecological benefits for operators are unmistakable: Costs, effort, and valuable resources are spared.

Increasing environmental protection and conserving resources

Actively contribute to protecting the environment and even greater sustainability with Minimax. Minimax enables you to remove old extinguishing agent containers and exchange them for processed and upgraded containers.

What does reusable mean?

  • Removed containers are reworked by Minimax:
  • Visual inspection and pressure testing
  • Renewal of the inspection stamp
  • Renewal of primer and paint
  • Usage of existing or new valve technology
  • Return of containers into the closed-loop economy

Employee and environmental welfare – a reason to exchange containers

  • A container exchange has many other benefits:
  • Conversion of the extinguishing agent container battery from mechanical to pneumatic release for a more future-proof system
  • Maintenance services can be optimized through upgrades
  • Sustainably upgraded reusable containers increase the operational reliability of your system
  • Space savings thanks to reduced quantities of containers and components with unchanged fire suppression system performance

A plus for the environment

Previously required energy inputs for raw material extraction, production, transport, and logistics are significantly reduced by exchanging reusable containers.

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-This offering is currently only available for the German market-


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