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Sprinkler systems often provide reliable fire protection - and in general, functionality is more important than design. However, the use of a sprinkler system is not necessarily in conflict with stringent aesthetic requirements.

A sprinkler system characteristically consists of a network of visible sprinklers in the building areas to be protected. If the demands for aesthetics, design and furnishing standard of a building change, architects and builder-owners often deem the sprinkler heads, protruding approx. four cm from the ceiling, as unsightly and disruptive. In other words, the ceiling pattern of a conventional sprinkler system may contradict the overall visual impression of a room.


Sprinklers of our undercover product range offer an optimum solution specifically for this purpose. Undercover sprinklers fit very discreetly into the overall ceiling layout of your premises. They are available as a covert variant with fine mesh aperture and an open recessed version.

All undercover sprinklers are characterized by a special housing, in which a sprinkler is arranged in such a manner that the spray deflector ends almost flush with the ceiling. This special installation variant and the selection of a surface finish adapted to the room offer new design options.

But that's not all: undercover sprinklers are less prone to soiling and the recessed installation offers an increased protection against damage. 

All round an attractive alternative!

Scope of service

  • Decommissioning and draining of the relevant sprinkler group
  • Dismantling of the existing sprinklers and any existing arm pipes
  • Installation of the undercover sprinklers, if necessary with newly adapted arm pipes
  • Amendment of the existing documentation and installation papers
  • Filling and re-commissioning of the sprinkler group, functional testing and briefing