Experts in fire protection

Our history



Company founder Wilhelm Graaff has launched the legendary fire extinguisher. The Minimax brand is created.



The production is concentrated in Neuruppin near Berlin. Administration remains in Berlin.



Minimax is the world's #1 in mobile fire extinguishers and maintains foreign companies in Europe and the USA.


Foam generators

The first Minimax foam generators are launched.


SFH inception

The "Selbsttätige Feuerlöschanlagengesellschaft" (SFH), a fixed fire protection specialist, is established in Hamburg. In the following years, SFH becomes an official installer of sprinkler systems and CO2 extinguishing systems while developing own system components such as sprinklers and alarm valves.


A fresh start

After the destruction of the Berlin administration building and dispossession of the Neuruppin plant, the reconstruction of Minimax in West Germany begins.


Bad Urach

The most modern factory in Germany, producing fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems on fire-fighting vehicles, is built in Bad Urach near Stuttgart. The site still serves as Minimax Mobile Services headquarters today.


Bad Oldesloe

SFH moves its plant operation to Bad Oldesloe. The following years see the continuous expansion of the site which today acts as headquarters of the Minimax Viking Group.



SFH constructs an onsite fire protection research center in Bad Oldesloe.        


Minimax + SFH

Preussag acquires Minimax and the company is merged with SFH.


Pefipresa Spain

Spanish fire protection systems installer Pefipresa joins the group.


International system integration business

With the international system integration business SFH creates a new branch and is joined by a number of local companies in the following decades. The international activities focus on industrial fire risk- and special hazard solutions.


Fire detection and extinguishing control panels

The first generation of in-house developed fire detection extinguishing control panels as well as flame and heat detectors for industrial applications is launched.


Pefipresa Portugal

Pefipresa Spain’s sister company is founded in Portugal.


SFH becomes Minimax

With the SFH brand successively replaced by "Minimax" in previous years, Minimax now stands for mobile and fixed fire protection.


Company growth

Minimax becomes the leading fire extinguishing systems installer in Germany and remains market leader to this day. The branch offices network is continuously expanded.


Inert gas extinguishing systems

Minimax introduces Argon fire extinguishing systems to the market. Nitrogen and inert gas mixtures subsequently complete the offering.


Water mist extinguishing systems

Minimax develops the first water mist extinguishing systems focusing on low pressure technology for land applications; later on high pressure technology and marine applications.


Minimax Singapore

As part of the international system integration business Minimax opens a subsidiary in Singapore.


Minimax Polska

Minimax opens a subsidiary for the system integration business in Poland.


Minimax China

As part of the international system integration business Minimax opens an office representation in Beijing, later changed to a local legal entity.


Investor change

Preussag focuses on tourism as their core business. First Barclays Private Equity Germany becomes a new Minimax shareholder, then Investcorp and IK Investment Partners.


Service business

Minimax intensifies its service business activities. In addition to the conventional maintenance and repair approach an increasing number of new services complete the range.


Minimax Russia

Minimax opens a subsidiary in Russia. Initially the focus lies on installation business, with a later focus on the sale of system components for gas extinguishing systems. Today the Viking organization manages the brand as Minimax Fire Products.


Minimax Mobile Services

Mobile fire protection activities - including administration and production in Bad Urach and the German-wide sales organization - are bundled in an independent company and continued under the Minimax Mobile Services brand.


Halocarbon extinguishing systems

Minimax develops the first own Halocarbon extinguishing systems - initially with the extinguishing agent FM200®, later with Novec TM 1230. In the following years, Minimax sets standards with innovative high-pressure technology.


Minimax France

Minimax opens a subsidiary in France.


CFP group

Minimax is expanding its system integration and service business in the USA with the acquisition of CFP Group – comprising Cosco, Firetrol and Consolidated Fire Protection.


Minimax USA

Minimax opens a subsidiary for the distribution of industrial fire risk solutions and gas extinguishing system components in the United States. The system component sale later continues from within the Viking organization under the brand Minimax Fire Products.


The new “Brandhaus”

A new, extended fire protection research center is inaugurated in Bad Oldesloe.


Minimax Viking

Minimax joins forces with Viking, a leading international sprinkler and sprinkler systems component manufacturer. Within the Minimax Viking Group, Minimax specializes in system integration, modernization and service, while Viking sells system components to installers.


Minimax Fire Solutions Group

The international Minimax system integration business is organized in the Fire Solutions Group, which, in addition to the main company Minimax Fire Solutions International GmbH, comprises the local companies associated with the business.