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Damage Caused by Fire to Machine Tools

In many production areas, workpieces are manufactured by automatic machine tools. This includes turning, grinding, honing or drilling machines. These machines consist as a rule of a work area, hydraulics room, tool magazine, transport area for the material input and output, and exhaust systems. If a fire starts, this can quickly spread to other production areas. Long interruptions to business and high costs are often the result.

From the operator’s point of view a solution is required which can detect emerging fires in good time and fight them in a targeted manner. Beyond this, a protection design is desirable that enables coordinated fire protection for production areas that merge into one another and at the same time is suitable for the protection of individual machine tools. Peripheral areas such as switch cabinets and oil processing should also be included in the fire protection scheme. Minimax has the corresponding compact solution: MachineToolProtect.

Advantages at a glance

  • MachineToolProtect is the right solution for both woodworking and metal working machines
  • Highest level of life safety - the safety functions meet Performance Levels up to d
  • MachineToolProtect is based on nationally and internationally certified systems and components
  • Integrated and cross process solution for machines and filter systems
  • Operation even under tough environmental conditions
  • Central extinguishing agent supply usable for single and multi-zone systems
  • Briefest downtimes thanks to extremely rapid fire detection and protection of investments


To avoid longer operational outages from fire damage to machine tools, rapid fire detection and targeted extinguishing are crucial. Fire detection takes place in the inner areas of a machine tool by means of intelligent UniVario flame detectors and the fire control is handled by an extinguishing control panel. 

Flame detectors
Spark detectors
Minifog fine spray nozzle
Exhaust cleaning system, with spark extinguishing system as needed
Independent extinguishing agent supply unit
Heat detectors
Manual release
ObjectProtect nozzle
Exhaust air-/ fire damper
Compact extinguishing system
Fire detection control panel
Explosion relief
Illustration of the structure from MachineToolProtect
  1. Flame detectors
  2. Spark detectors
  3. Minifog fine spray nozzle
  4. Exhaust cleaning system, with spark extinguishing system as needed
  5. Independent extinguishing agent supply unit
  6. Heat detectors
  7. Manual release
  8. ObjectProtect nozzle
  9. Exhaust air-/ fire damper
  10. Compact extinguishing system
  11. Fire detection control panel
  12. Explosion relief

System versions for every requirement

Compact Extinguishing System: MachineToolProtect can be installed and used as a compact extinguishing system immediately next to a machine tool. MachineToolProtect can be quickly connected via standardized connections to a cable and pipe network. The high degree of prefabrication and the quick and simple installation make the compact extinguishing system an economic and effective alternative to conventional systems.

Detection and Signal Transmission: Detection is carried out in all system versions by UniVario flame, spark or heat detectors. All types of detectors identify fires in good time and thus make rapid action possible. They transmit their signals to an extinguishing control panel, which alerts persons at risk and the fire department as well as reliably providing the competent authorities with all relevant information.

Proven Systems with Performance Level d: All MachineToolProtect versions meet the relevant safety regulations of the Employers' Liability Insurance Association and allow expert acceptance, meeting the specific requirements of the machinery directive as a safety component. DIN EN 13849-1 Performance Levels (PL) up to d are reached for safety functions.

Extinguishing Agents: MachineToolProtect is designed for the use of various extinguishing agents. In practice gas extinguishing systems using argon and CO2 as extinguishing agents, and water mist suppression systems, have proven their worth for the fire protection of smaller machine tools.

Gas-based suppression systems

Gas Extinguishing Equipment in action

Oxygen-displacing extinguishing gases are always the right choice if a residue-free extinguishing and consequently very rapid reactivation of the machine tool are to be achieved. The extinguishing gas is supplied in high-pressure steel cylinders in the vicinity of the machine tool. The extinguishing agent is fed via nozzles which are installed in the processing area of the machine. Since the extinguishing agent is only used in the machine, generally outside the machine there is no concentration that could be hazardous to people. For risks in light metal working the extremely inert noble gas argon is the only optimally usable extinguishing agent. In contrast to carbon dioxide and nitrogen, it can be used effectively with combustible metals. 

Minifog ProCon Water Mist Technology

Minifog ProCon Water Mist Technology

To ensure reliable extinguishing, Minifog ProCon impulse nozzles are used in MachineToolProtect. Due to their relatively large outlet cross-sections they are less susceptible to impurities in the extinguishing water. As an additional safeguard, each nozzle is fitted with an internally situated fine mesh. Furthermore, a robust stainless steel protective cap with safety chain protects against contamination of the nozzle from the outside. Consequently, they are ideal for use in the tough environmental conditions of a machine tool.


MachineToolProtect has proven itself for both woodworking and metalworking machine tools with a low risk of damage to property and the environment.

Machine tool
Machine tool

Protection zone


Fire Protection

Wood processing machine
Wood processing machine

Protection zone


Fire Protection

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MachineToolProtect - Compact Fire Protection for Machine Tools
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