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A look at the water reservoir often reveals a need for action, for example, when corrosion damage is already visible at the waterline.

Water storage containers are exposed to regular oxygen ingress. The risk of corrosion is therefore always present. The risk of corrosion is particularly high at the dividing line between water and air.

High humidity promotes corrosion from the outside.

Detached parts of the inside coating can get in the water and clog up the sprinklers when the system is triggered. This poses a risk to operational safety.

For these reasons a periodic check of the container is sensible and advisable.


The VdS CEA 4001 guideline suggests a corrosion inspection for water storage containers every five years. For this, the water level in the tank is lowered by about a meter. At least every 15 years the tank must be completely drained and cleaned. This check, the subsequent cleaning and removal of any corrosion damage is to be carried out by aN approved specialist.

When complying with VdS CEA 4001 guidelines, you fulfill your operator duties and increase the reliability of your sprinkler system. In addition, you actively secure your investment and protect yourself against water tank replacement costs.

Quite simply imagine the availability of water for your sprinkler system.

Scope of service

for the inspection of water storage containers

  • Decommissioning of the sprinkler system
  • Lowering of the water level by about a meter
  • Examination of the tank for corrosion damage and other defects
  • Cleaning and removal of corrosion damage
  • Documentation of the examination
  • Refilling
  • Recommissioning of the sprinkler system

Scope of service

for renovation of water storage containers 

  • Drainage and shut-down of the sprinkler system
  • Internal cleaning
  • Sand blasting
  • Welding work
  • Inside coating of the container
  • Any exterior painting of the container
  • Filling and commissioning of the sprinkler system