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A systematic method for personal development.

Welcome to Minimax! After a tailored induction period, you will be able to take on challenging and varied tasks and work on projects on your own. If you like a challenge and enjoy what you do, then we can offer excellent prospects for climbing the career ladder. A wide range of further education opportunities will enable you to further develop your personal and technical skills.


Will you hit the ground running after your training program?
As a Project Manager (m/f/d) at Minimax!

Develop your career to become a Project Manager (m/f/d) or Certified Project Manager (m/f/d) for Fire Protection Systems and hold the reins on the construction sites where we operate. You will be taught the ropes in four stages. Alongside ‘on-the-job’ tasks, you will attend numerous training courses on the different technologies involved, project management methodology and how to run projects. You will have the security of being taught the regulations and build up an important network in the company. This will pave the way to a career at one of our sites in Germany or abroad.

A systematic method for personal development.
Your promotion opportunities at Minimax!

Our senior executives assume a lot of responsibility: For our success as well as for what sets us apart from the rest - the quality of our staff. We encourage our staff to develop their career and become an executive, and will support you in this goal, too. Foreman, Head Fitter, Sales Manager, Service Manager or System Integration Manager (m/f/d): Our seminars and training courses will strengthen your knowledge and help you further your career. 

Ever thought about a career in fire protection?
Further training at Minimax!

Why not make the most of Minimax’s attractive further education program and train to become a Fire Detection and Suppression Control Specialist (m/f/d). A Minimax Fire Detection and Suppression Control Specialist (m/f/d) installs fire alarm security and monitoring technologies for all types of fire protection equipment, spanning both water and foam extinguishing systems as well as complicated gas-suppression methods. Exciting assignments with a future!

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