Experts in fire protection

Team spirit is the recipe for success!

Saving lives together, walking through fire for one another – and still have your feet firmly on the ground. We think the same.
We like people who use their own initiative, are innovative in spirit, show commitment and are team players. As far as fire protection is concerned, everyone plays a part.

Felix – an electronics technician apprentice
for plant engineering

“I was warmly welcomed by all the staff. You feel as though you’re part of the family”.

Felix is learning everything there is to know about plant engineering and extinguishing systems during the course of his apprenticeship, and is laying the ideal foundation for his career.

Chris – electronics technician for plant equipment

“I really enjoy coming to work because you get new projects and tasks to do every day. And the team is great, too – that is so important.”

As an electronics technician, Chris is responsible for electrical installations and safety of our fire detectors and fire extinguishing equipment.

Stephan – a system fitter
for water extinguishing systems

“We get to access rooms and environments which a normal person would never have the chance to see. This is just great!”

As a system fitter, Stephan is responsible for installing our fire protection equipment.

Viktoriia – a junior project manager
for water extinguishing equipment

“Just the thought of doing something important for the community makes me really happy”.

As a junior project manager, Viktoriia is responsible for the installation of water-based extinguishing systems.

Tobias – System Integration
Special Fire Protection Equipment

“I feel it is extremely important for people to feel included – it is just like being part of a big family, and I love it!”

Tobias is a manager for System Integration Special Fire Protection Equipment, and it is his job to ensure that everything runs smoothly.