Experts in fire protection

Ever thought about a career in fire protection?

Have you ever considered a 'dual' program? Why not apply for a work and study program (duales Studium) at Minimax!

If you are currently an undergraduate, we look forward to receiving your application as a working student (m/f/d) as part of an internship or while you write your dissertation/thesis. Delve into the exciting world of fire protection and acquire key practical know-how that you will be able to use as a future member of the Minimax team.

Work + Study Program (duales Studium

Are you looking to combine your theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience as well as become involved in different national and international projects? Our Work + Study programs are just what you should be considering! In collaboration with the Nordakademie, we are offering the following vocational courses:

The application period for the next Academic Year begins in December. Save the date! 

During your studies

As a working student (m/f/d) you can apply your theoretical knowledge in a working environment and earn money from it too. We can offer you a post that complements your area of study. You can adapt your working hours to coincide with study times, meaning that you can increase the number of hours worked during periods when no lectures take place.  We encourage people who work on their own initiative and appreciate those who are willing to take on responsibility early on and contribute their own ideas. 


Get an overall insight into the various areas of our company with an internship lasting several weeks or a semester of practical work. You can put your theoretical knowledge into practice and find out which skills are mainly required in addition to technical qualifications. We are sure that you can take on responsibility. You will work independently in domestic and international project teams. 


We have topics that can be used for your dissertations/theses (Bachelor, Master or Diploma). Together, we come up with a specific topic that fits your area of study or a specific field in which you are particularly interested and that also works for Minimax. Technical aspects are very close to our heart, and our R&D department is continually working on innovations. In our Fire Protection Research Center, we carry out fire tests on a 1:1 scale. If you are looking to do your final project on such a subject, then why not send us your application today. A practical project can certainly be your entry to a career at Minimax.