Experts in fire protection

What you can expect

The profession of mechatronic technician is formed from the professions of mechanical engineer and electronics engineer. The areas of responsibility of a mechatronic technician include installing machines, building mechatronic systems from both mechanical and electrical components, and maintenance of the same.

  • Versatile, practical and future-oriented training over 3.5 years. Early enrolment for the examination is possible for good performances
  • Learning skills in mechanics and electronics
  • Forming components into mechatronic systems as well as recording, testing and maintaining these components
  • Deployment in Minimax workshops (electronics and mechanics), construction sites and in maintenance
  • Exciting insights into the industry of the future fire protection
  • Very good professional prospects in a modern company
  • An appreciative work environment

What you have

  • Good GCSEs
  • Good logical thinking ability
  • Technical skill
  • Technical understanding
  • Affinity for mathematics and physics
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Team spirit and commitment, because together with the other trainees and in the departments you can do a lot here

What we offer

We make the basic environment as pleasant as possible so that you can totally concentrate on training. We reward good performances with a bonus payment and guarantee of a job.

  • Guarantee of a job for good performances
  • Bonus payment for good pass
  • Paid costs of training materials
  • Day release for exam preparation
  • Trainee celebration 

Training process

  • Training start: August / September of the respective year
  • Training location: Bremen
  • Duration of training: 3.5 years

Tips on applying

A good application is distinguished by completeness and clarity. We look forward to your personal covering letter, your curriculum vitae and your last school reports as well as any possible placement reports.

You can find current training offers in the Jobs area. Please send your application to Daniela Dabelstein.