Experts in fire protection

Legal provisions usually require operators to carry out continuous monitoring procedures on their fire protection systems. If faults are identified, rapid reactions must therefore be immediately responded to. The VdS-approved fault alarm headquarters meets this requirement: All detection, fault and monitoring messages run here to the center.

When a message is received the employees of the fault alarm headquarters establish the type of fault, the location of the system and the operator. Based on a previously prepared individual plan of action, the staff members then proceed to inform the entities arranged.

A competent team coordinates and controls around the clock all the messages received in the fault alarm headquarters and provides rapid resolution of the fault. Additional lines to the fire service and police allow rapid deployment on site of the emergency services in an emergency. Upon request, messages from heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lift, monitoring and burglar alarm systems can also be received, so that here too a resolution of the fault can be quickly and efficiently carried out: a further benefit for all Minimax customers.