Experts in fire protection

A passion for fire protection links Minimax colleagues all around the world. Our work protects human lives and objects of value, and in doing so spares the environment. The capabilities of our employees have been growing for many decades with the requirements for our company. Each has the opportunity to make their own individual contribution and to help shape the Minimax success story. What's special at Minimax is cooperation. Openness, reliability, fairness and enjoyment of the matter in hand are values which are reflected in daily activities and mark the Minimax family.


Jörg-Frederic, Office Manager Dubai

"I like to look after our customers directly in the United Arab Emirates"

"I've been working for Minimax for about 27 years. Since 2010 I live with my wife and two daughters in the United Arab Emirates - first in Abu Dhabi, since 2018 in Dubai - and work there as Office Manager. Since our clients have such large and demanding projects, I preferably support them directly on site. I enjoy the challenges of the job; it's great to always be able to find the ideal project solution individually for each customer. Of course, some things are different compared to working in Germany: Here my working week starts on Sunday morning and ends on Thursday evening. I miss the rest of the family and spring, autumn and winter, but I feel very comfortable in the United Arab Emirates. For me, Dubai is a perfect example of a place where people from all over the world with different religions can live together peacefully and harmoniously."



Bettina, Team Leader in Strategic Purchasing

"I love challenges, change and the diversity of my roles."

"In September 2001, I started my career at Minimax. As a prospective industrial clerk, I got to know many different areas of responsibility in our company at my desk and on the construction site. After my training, I complemented the small purchasing team in the administrative area. In addition, I was allowed to go to school part-time for a few more years. With the acquisition of the Viking Group, not only did our international purchasing activities expand, but my superior realized that I belonged in the world of product groups and purchasing strategies: Today I am a passionate purchasing coordinator, lead a three-person team and am the European part of the "Minimax Viking Global Purchasing Team". Due to the intensive and frequent contacts with different people from home and abroad, I am confronted with new situations every day. A varied job that inspires me every day anew. And I can continue to learn - every day. I am very grateful for that."


Hauke, Project Manager

"I enjoy the diversity"

"I sent a speculative job application to Minimax directly after my degree in mechanical engineering. After three days, I was invited for a job interview, and shortly after, I had my first job. I really like the assumption of responsibilities. I am involved in the entire process, from the preparation of an offer to the installation of a fire protection system. I particularly like the contact with customers, and of course the organizational challenges involved in the job of a project manager. As a rule, no working day is like the other, there's no risk of getting into a dreary routine. Thanks to the broad product range, I always have to work and familiarize myself with different technologies and new challenges for the individual projects. I am fascinated by the many different production systems I was able to see at our customers.

For the past year I have been taking part in an internal qualification program. There, I am not only acquiring in-depth technical know-how, but also learn additional skills such as ways to present information or managing a meeting. But I particularly like interacting with other colleagues in the Minimax Group. At the same time, we also spent the occasional relaxed evening together after class. I would recommend joining Minimax. Here, you are not only working on simiular projects, but you have a diverse range of responsibilities, which adds variety to your work and is simply fun."


Franziska, Head of Approvals 

"At Minimax there is no conflict between career and family"

“After I did my diploma at Minimax I realized that I wanted to stay on at the company. Since that time 14 years have passed and a lot has changed for me: Minimax has supported me in my career-related postgraduate studies, I took over the managed of the Approvals Department and in the meantime I have become mother to two children. Even before my dream of having children was fulfilled I did wonder whether I could continue my career without something extra. All my worries were completely groundless. At Minimax there is no conflict between career and family, quite the opposite. I was able to take parental leave without any problems and then return to my management position part-time. I am pleased that Minimax has supported me so well so far.”


Siegfried, service technician BMA

“Brilliant team spirit”

“I've worked at Minimax for almost 31 years. Over time, much has changed: the company has grown, there are lots of new products and many new customers, compared to the early years. We have new ways to improve our customer service and make it even faster. I enjoy sharing my experiences with younger colleagues while my tasks, as well as Minimax itself, are ever more expanding. I like a good challenge and the additional responsibility of ensuring that our equipment and detectors work perfectly at our customer sites. I have always maintained friendly and open, with customers and colleagues alike, which was reciprocated more often than not. It makes it more fun and agreements with customers more likely if everybody treats each other respectfully.”



Marcel, apprentice Plant Technician

"Minimax offers great career prospects"

"I am very interested in technology and familiar with fire extinguishers due to working at the fire department. When I learned about the vocational training opportunities at Minimax for fitters specializing in fire extinguishing systems through a job advertised on the Internet, I applied and was accepted after a comprehensive selection process.

My training takes place at three main locations: First, the vocational school in Kiel, which is very demanding. Classes take place four times per year, each in blocks of three weeks. During this time, we are accommodated at the boarding school.  Second, the training workshop in Bad Oldesloe, where we receive basic training in metal. And third, the construction sites, where I carry out interesting and diverse jobs in collaboration with new people and friendly colleagues. The working days at construction sites tend to be very long, but thanks to the pleasant working atmosphere, I enjoy them down to the last minute! Also, the exam preparations in the training workshops in Bad Oldesloe are great, and are ideal for preparing us for the exams. I am convinced that Minimax will provide good opportunities for me in the future and that I will be able to develop my career."