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Day after day, the filling level of the compressed air tank of your sprinkler system must be checked and, if necessary, corrected.

Each compressed air tank is equipped with a display to check the filling level. If this is too low, the additional supply must be done manually. This procedure can take up to two hours, and is sometimes neglected in day-to-day affairs.

Should the compressed air tank not be optimally filled over a longer period of time, you endanger the operating safety of your installation. This may result in a gradual drop in pressure, which can lead to unwanted triggering of your sprinkler system. In addition, you do not meet your duty of care and as an operator by neglecting regular backfeed operations.

To avoid these scenarios, water and compressed air feeding can be automated.


The level indicator with monitoring- and backfeed function automatically controls the water- and compressed air level. A retrofit on  the compressed air tanks of a sprinkler system is possible at any time. 

If the filling level of the compressed air reservoir inadvertently drops, float switches can regulate the backfeed with water and compressed air pressure switches . A message is sent to the sprinkler control cabinet, which automatically activates the pump or compressor and switches off again when the optimum filling level is reached. 

You can continue to use your existing pumps and compressors. Automation saves you valuable time. At the same time you ensure the optimum degree of filling of the compressed air reservoir and thus avoid restrictions on the operating safety of your sprinkler system.

Scope of service

  • Decommissioning of the sprinkler system, discharge of the compressed air from the air tank
  • Dismantling of the existing fittings
  • Installation of the level indicator with monitoring and backfeed function
  • Wiring of the electrical components
  • Amending of the existing documentation and installation papers
  • Recommissioning of the sprinkler system, function testing and briefing